Most of the time, I love to dive into a bowl of fresh chilled fruit. It tastes so refreshing and satisfies my sweet tooth at the same time. But sometimes, I'm looking to warm up and still beat that craving for something sweet. Fruits are versatile enough to be eaten cold, warm, as a treat, or as a healthy snack. Whether you make it on the healthier side or as an indulgent treat, your sweet tooth will thank you for these warm and fruity treats. 

1. Apples

Warm apples can be prepared in so many different ways. They are the king of baked fruit. You have hassle back apples, apple pie apples, baked apples, the list goes on. Sprinkle some cinnamon and brown sugar on these babies and you're in for a treat no matter what. Try adding a sugar and oat mixture to make a healthier version of the classic apple pie. Check out this recipe for baked apples as a dessert.

2. Pears

You can top baked pears with either your favorite yogurt for a healthy and filling breakfast. Or you could try them as a dessert and top them with ice cream. These are simple and make your kitchen smell delicious when baking. 

3. Peaches

Peaches are not only delicious but have great health benefits. Grilled peaches are the ultimate summer treat. Toss them on the grill after your summer BBQ and top with some honey and ice cream. 

4. Grapefruit

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Are you sick of having boring grapefruit for breakfast? Wake up a few minutes earlier and set your oven to broil. Sprinkle a half grapefruit with some sugar and pop it in the oven to enjoy the caramelized goodness. Make sure your grapefruit is ripe before broiling. Not only is this a delicious snack, it's also totally #instaworthy. 

5. Bananas


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Pan fried bananas are a dessert you've been missing out on. They're pan fried with cinnamon, sugar, and caramel to a golden perfection. If you're feeling for a less healthy option, I've had deep fried bananas before and it is absolutely amazing. 

Fruits don't have to be eaten only as a cold healthy snack. Mix it up and heat them up for added flavor. You'll be pleasantly surprised that you've been missing out on these for so long.