Who doesn't love Friends, and who doesn't love pizza? Two of America's favorite things, television and food, and the best parts of television and food. There are many quizzes out there about which character of Friends you are based on your favorite type of pizza, or the way you eat it, or the toppings you choose, but have you ever wondered what pizzas would replace the spectacular six? Wonder no more; I'm here to enlighten you and inspire your next delivery choice. 

Monica Geller: 6-Cheese

Cheese is arguably the most classic flavor. Monica is a chef. Chefs know how to make the ordinary extraordinary, and that is what the 6-cheese pizza is: classic, with that extra amount of pizzazz (see, she knows).

Rachel Green: Thin-Crust Cheese

The fashion industry was home to Rachel and she knew how to embrace the trends while still being classy. We all remember those early 2000s styles, some inspired by Rachel, like "The Rachel" hairstyle. When thin-crust pizza became a thing, you know she was all over that one: the fashionable, new twist on the classic cheese flavor. 

Phoebe Buffay: Veggie Delight

"Sweet Lord! This is what evil must taste like!" That was Phoebe's reaction to eating meat. Phoebe is a vegetarian most of the time (except when she was pregnant and took a bite of Chandler's sandwich), and would not want to be associated with the evils of killing animals. She would obviously be a veggie pizza. 

Ross Geller: Pepperoni 

Pepperoni is an oldie but goodie. It's not going to change and will always be there, similar to Ross. His life revolves around oldie but goodies: dinosaurs, who aren't going to change because they have not been alive in 65 million years. Also, what's more predictable than 3 divorces? Pepperoni pizza. (Cheese vs. pepperoni gives Rachel and Ross something else to fight about, which will most likely bring up the fact that THEY WERE ON A BREAK.)

Chandler Bing: Hawaiian BBQ Chicken

Chandler is somewhat of a wild card and so is the phenomenon of Hawaiian pizza. You never know how the pineapple will taste, especially warm pineapple (!). Chandler is an indecisive character who has a problem with commitment – until Monica of course – and this pizza just makes sense as Chandler. 

Joey Tribbiani: Spicy Italian

This one doesn't need much explanation, since Joey is Italian and proud of it, and spicy. #howyoudoin? He loves his meat-filled sandwiches, so Joey as a pizza would have to have meat on it. One with pepperoni and a double portion of spicy sausage has Joey written all over it. 

Just like you can't go wrong with ordering a pizza, you can't go wrong with sitting back and enjoying an episode of Friends. Why not combine the two? Order your favorite and figure out who you're most like.