Finding a place to eat while being a freshman is hard, but at The George Washington University is especially difficult due to our lack of a dining hall. Going to Carvings is pretty much a right of passage as a freshman. Chances are you've been to Carvings and you know that it's a real hit or miss kind of place. I'm here to give you a few "hits" at Carvings. 

Carvings is a great place if you're looking for a quick meal. They've got you covered from breakfast to dinner and everything you could want in-between. Over the course of my first month as a freshman, with a little help from friends, I've almost perfected my list of my "go to orders".

New York

sandwich, chicken
Kate Drapkin

If you're hungry for a really filling sandwich I'd definitely recommend the New York. This was recommended to me by one of my friends and I'm forever grateful. The New York consists of turkey, avocado, lettuce & onions..I'm really not sure what else you could want in a sandwich. 

Crispy Chicken Wrap

chicken, bacon, cheese, sandwich
Kate Drapkin

Another sandwich that I've been recommended is the Crispy Chicken Wrap. This sandwich has crispy chicken, honey mustard, lettuce, tomato and onion. Carvings is also known for its french fries, you can't forget them with this sandwich. This may not the healthiest option but it's a good one for sure. 


coffee, chocolate, cream, espresso, tiramisu, sweet, cake
Kate Drapkin

If you're looking for a good breakfast but don't have the time to sit down at a restaurant, I'd highly recommend trying the pancakes or a breakfast platter at Carvings. They're the perfect things to order when you're missing breakfast at home or are sick of having granola bars all the time (I know I am). 

#SpoonTip: Not everyone knows this but Carvings also sells iced coffee. You never have to wait in the line at Starbucks again! 


bread, garlic, bacon, cheese, cheddar
Kate Drapkin
Now I've saved the best for last. My personal favorite thing to order at Carvings is a sesame bagel. If you're feeling like you want a more exciting breakfast, you can opt for a bacon, egg & cheese (also super good). You really can't go wrong with ordering either of those and it's a super quick option if you're rushing to class or are just super lazy like most of us are.