You wake up at the apartment of your latest Tinder Date, quickly steal away before they wake up, and get back to your place to act like nothing happened. You got this, you can play it cool at school and then work but wait... is that a hickey?

And just when you think you're safe, the mortification seeps in.

The Lingering Lover

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Whether it's to maintain professionalism at work, to hide your scandalous adventures from your parents, or just, ya know, to uphold a personal value, there's several reasons you might want to hide this little love bruise. But what is a hickey, like, actually?

A Bite? A Bruise?!

While a hickey generally stands as a mark of seduction, it really could come from a number of things. Caused by suction, a hickey marks the place where blood vessels overflow with love--basically, you bleed a little, and you can see it beneath the skin.

And who said science wasn't sexy?

Anyway, now that you know you're not mutating, you're probably looking for ways to make this purple thumbprint vanish. Lucky for you, there's a variety of ways to handle this; here are just a few.

Cool it Down:

ice, water
Jasmine Chan

Like you would treat any 'ol bruise, you can apply ice to this little love spot, which'll help freeze the blood vessels and stop the bleeding. A cold compress usually does the trick. But, hey, you can get a little freaky with ice cubes too, just sayin'.

Turn up the Heat:

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...preferably not the way you did last night *winkwink*, but by applying heat to the spot, you increase the blood-flow, which will return any leaky fluids back to their tubes more quickly. But don't, ya know, light yourself on fire--soaking a towel in hot water will work just fine.

Reduce Physical Irritation

While I can't help you with emotional annoyance, treating the irritated spot might just sooth your spirits. You can use rubbing alcohol or Vitamin K, which is an anti-coagulant and aids in the reabsorption of blood. While these methods tend to take longer, the massaging will help you feel better anyway.

Cover that Sucker Up

Ya know, sometimes it's just better to ignore the problem until it goes away. Literally. Apply some foundation/coverup on the area and act like it--along with the person who caused it--never happened. Hickeys go away within a few days, so you should be fine.

Real Talk Tho:

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While I can understand the reasons you might want to hide this little mark, why be ashamed? Own that hickey! It's your skin, and hey, stuff happens. You still gotta live life, and don't let little scrapes stop you from being amazing.