Let's all start by being completely honest with one another. We're on Tinder. We all have our reasons. I took to asking my matches what made them swipe right on any girl's Tinder profile. When they weren't asking me if they would be featured in the local newspaper (or something like that) or if I only matched with them to ask them this question (most likely), this is what I learned. 

"They are pretty, seem nice, and I would like to see where things would go." —Ole Miss

"Attractiveness, distance, and bio." —Mississippi State University 

"If they're cute and depending on how much alcohol I've had." —Georgia Southern

"They look good. They are holding a gun in one of their pictures. They have a dog. Because who doesn't like dogs?" —Middle Tennessee State University 

"Pictures with character, looks, and a witty tagline." —University of Texas (know that he commented that I had two out of the three)

"It looks like we have things in common, if they look fun/adventurous, and if I find them attractive." —Auburn University 

"Tits, ass, then face." —University of Alabama (no surprise)

"The pictures they chose to present themselves, attraction, witty bio." —University of California, San Diego

"Hotness, hotness, hotness." —Mississippi State University 

"Hot, drinking buddy, maybe she will have sex with me." —University of Southern Mississippi 

"Very pretty, has a great smile, can fish." —Mississippi State University

"Someone is cute, they don't have alcohol in every single photo and their bio doesn't say 'let's have a drink!', and they believe what I believe and publicly announce it." —Vanderbilt University (that's a lot of pressure to put on a Tinder profile, dude)

"Looks, whether they are in a group of people or not, and whether there is another guy in their pictures." —Ole Miss

"Don't appear to have a vendetta with God or daddy issues, no outrageous tattoos, piercings, or kids. Girls with outdoorsy pictures always get a swipe right." —Mississippi College (also a lot of pressure to put on a Tinder profile)

"They are a Vols fan, they are pretty, and they look like they are fun." —Tennessee State University 

So, basically, look pretty and don't swipe right on guys who think that Tinder is an acceptable way to start an actual relationship. May the swiping odds be ever in your favor.