What forms in your teeth when you don't brush or floss your teeth enough? It's dental plaque, a thin layer of bacteria that could potentially cause gum diseases or tooth decay. If brushing your teeth isn't enough, you can read about these four foods that can be consumed to prevent dental plaque.

Green and Black Teas

Both types of tea contain polyphenols, which helps destroy or slow the growth of plaque. Make sure no sugar is added to the tea since that would only encourage plaque growth.

Sugarless Chewing Gum

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Maria Xu

Chewing gum after a meal can get rid of the harmful acids that are left in your mouth. Washing them away can help you maintain your teeth enamel. Once again, it's important that the gum is sugarless; otherwise, it's more likely that you'll get a cavity!

Fruits and Vegetables

Eat high-fiber fruits and vegetables. They increase saliva flow, which more effectively gets rid of the harmful acids that form plaque. Also, it restores any necessary minerals that your teeth lost from the bacteria. Some examples of high-fiber fruits are apples and oranges, and beans and Brussels sprouts are good vegetable options.

Dairy Cheese

Oddly enough, cheese has oral benefits. They essentially provide the same advantages as high-fiber fruits and vegetables.

Eating these foods and regularly brushing and flossing will help you get less dental plaque. And hopefully, you'll manage to get pearly whites as well!