Sean Lowe is arguably the best Bachelor of all time. But, the point here isn't about the Bachelor and how every girl has dreamt of finding a Sean and Catherine relationship then riding off into the sunset on an elephant in Thailand. No, it's about Sean's sister, Shay Shull - aka "Mix & Match Mama".

Shay Shull is the ultimate mom, foodie and Southern Belle. This woman has 4 kids, is a frequent visitor on the TODAY Show and still finds time to write cookbooks and blog about food. Seriously, could Shay be any better? (The answer is no).

If you're still not convinced, here's a list to prove why Shay Shull should be the world's foodie idol:

1. She cooked on the TODAY show

Pshh, no big deal...

Okay who am I kidding? How many people can say they've cooked on national television on one of the most watched shows in America? Yeah, not very many people. And to top it off, Shay has been on TODAY multiple times because she's the coolest thing since sliced bread. 

2. She has her own cookbooks

Not just one book, not even just two books - Shay Shull is the author of four cookbooks. FOUR. 

I struggle to write an essay, but seriously nothing phases this mom. She rocks, forreal. Shay's cookbooks include photos with every recipe (#bless), holiday + seasonal favorites and don't require any previous cooking/baking knowledge. 

3. She has a food blog

Shay's blog is actually a blog about her whole life, but there is an entire section devoted just to food. And lemme say, it's a huuuge section. 

I think what I love most about her blog is the way she organizes it. It's crazy how user-friendly her blog is. You can scroll and select what type of recipe you're looking for and bam there it is. Oh, and did I mention it's sorted in alphabetical order? Because it is.

4. She dresses her kids in foodie attire

This is quite possibly the cutest thing I've ever seen. Look at these lil nuggets in matching candy corn outfits. I mean yeah, I'd probably be smiling that big too if my mom would've let me wear a shirt with candy corn and a bow on it. 

5. She makes food to match the season

You guessed it, Shay made these mini apple pie bites for fall. There's something about eating cinnamon in the fall that makes it taste 100x better and obviously Shay knows that too.

Just to make it clear, these little apple hand pies come from Shay's own recipe. But at this point, would you have guessed any differently?

6. She loves coffee

Me too girlfriend, me too. 

Shay is an avid coffee lover and you know her love for it runs deep when she even mentions it in her Instagram bio. Seriously though, if Shay loving coffee wasn't enough, she even has the cutest mugs to sip from too. 

7. She has recipes for all types of eaters

Gluten-free, vegetarian, sweets-only type of diet? No worries, Shay's got ya covered. I really don't think it's possible to run out of options on her blog or in one of her cookbooks. TBH, the hardest part of sifting through all the recipes is deciding on which one you're going to make. 

8. She does meal planning

And she gives it a catchy name, "Meal Planning Monday!"

Have a lot on your plate this week and can't decide what to physically put on the dinner plate? Well, now you don't have to decide because Shay already has. Each Monday, Shay picks 5 of her own recipes + some kind of dessert or snack to create an epic meal plan for your week. You're welcome (thank Shay, not me).

9. She cooks with her kids

One word: adorable. If this doesn't make your heart melt, I'm not sure what will. Shay's love for cooking and baking is evident, but what's even more evident is the love she has for her kids. Look at the smile on her face; that smile proves it. 

You gotta love a girl who loves food. And that girl is Shay. If Chris Harrison asked me to accept Shay's final piece of pie, I would run to that plate.