Scandal is one of those shows that pulls you in unforgiving, drags you into the darkness of a Netflix black hole until you can no longer see the light. I've literally spent all of Thanksgiving Break binging Scandal on Netflix and now I'm steadily making my way through Season 3 instead of writing the rough draft of my speech for rhetoric. And guess what, I don't even care.

So, what does one need when they've gone so far into the pits of Netflix hell--or heaven, that's still to be determined--that they can't be miffed to care about anything but mere survival and the desperate need for luxe entertainment that only Olivia Pope and her team of bandits can give you?

beer, popcorn, TV watching, snacktime, Relax
Julia Gilman

Your survival guide to binging Scandal is having exceptional foods to snack on whilst you watch the beautiful drama that consumes the show and, let's face it, your entire being. While I may not have the best list for quality alcoholic beverages you should binge while watching Scandal, I do have a long deliberated list of foods that correlate with each Scandal character to get you through the dark hours of the show and save at least one part of yourself--the part that matters most: your stomach.

Olivia Pope

wine, alcohol, liquor, ice, red wine, juice, cocktail
Alex Frank

A single serving of vanilla ice cream with the finest of Red Moscatos to pair is perfect for Queen Liv.

She's just as sweet, pure, and classy with a deadly hint.

Fitzgerald Grant III

nectarine, peach, apple, fresh fruit, Summer, juicy
Julia Gilman

Forbidden Fruit Dessert

Olivia is the Eve to Fitz's Adam. She is the forbidden fruit he always wrongly indulges himself in and while she is a delicious treat for him, their relationship and connection is nothing but toxic to the development of their character and responsibilities.

Mellie Grant

cream, ice, sweet, strawberry, berry, dairy product, milk
Holly Park

Raspberry Fool

Often characterized as a smart, but manipulative woman, Mellie Grant is the delicious dessert you should steer clear from but indulge in anyway because she walks that borderline boundary between good and evil.

Cyrus Beene

Chocolate Bacon Skewers (from the Iowa State Fair specifically). These babies are practically a heart attack on a stick just like the infamous Cyrus Beene who is so cutthroat he gave himself a heart attack.

Quinn Perkins

cherry, berry, sweet, juice, sweet cherry, pasture
Jocelyn Hsu

Quinn is about as close to a cherry as you can get. She's sweet on the outside but deadly when you bite deeper. Fun fact: the pits inside cherries contain deadly cyanide that could quite literally kill you as quick as Quinn Perkins in her B613 days.

Abby Whelan

salt, beer, coffee, tea
Rachel Tison

She's benevolent. Good for the heart but also a little risky once you get sucked in--similar to the dark chocolate I consume on a weekly basis.


Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie is a lethal concoction that will have you regretting the sweet mouthfuls you shoveled down your throat for days. What is most deadly about it, is the fact that you could die if you put in the green leaves from the rhubarb. Watch out, or Huck just might make your death look like an accidental poisoning from this delicious pie.

Harrison Wright

cereal, legume, vegetable, horse gram, moth bean, azuki bean
Ashleigh Monaco

Barely and Beans yo, the diet of Gladiators, which Harrison is no doubt.

David Rosen

chocolate, brownie, candy, cream, goody, sweet, fudge, cake
Maddie Lanier

Fudge Homemade Brownies because lets face it, they're the best and so is David Rosen out of all of Olivia Pope's associates. He's not dirty in any way, business with him is always for the good and serving to a higher justice at the very least. David is quite honestly the human being we all strive to be. The absolute best.

Jake Ballard

berry, cream, strawberry, yogurt, sweet, milk, mint, blueberry
Caitlyn Heter

Whipped cream. Okay, I know this is an ingredient but it's light and fluffy at first but after indulging too much, it settles deep in your gut and weighs you down, just like Jake Ballard.

Rowan Pope

nut, cereal, cashew
Kristine Mahan

Chashews. Rowan Pope is a minimalist at heart and what is more minimalistic than nuts? This man gives everyone the cold shoulder and does what he has to do to keep everyone in line and while nuts are minimalistic, if you get the ones with lots of salt, they can be extremely deadly to your diet by making you become extremely bloated. I'm talking from first hand experience here folks. 


So, whatever character you feel like (deliciously) embodying while watching a Scandal episode, choose wisely and happy snacking.