Autumn is the time when you break out the dark red lipstick and no one can say anything to you if you wear it four days in a row. Whether you're into wine red, plum red, russet red, or terracotta red, you don't want lipstick anywhere else except your lips.

No matter how "kiss-proof" and "stuck on" your lipstick claims it is, there's no way its going to stand the wrath of oily Chinese noodles. Here are some foods to avoid so your lipstick looks impeccable all day long. 

1. Almost All Noodles

pho, soup, broth, noodle, ramen, pork, meat
Meher Pandher

Oily noodles in Chinese food and similar cuisines are an especially big no-no. Noodle soups are guaranteed to rub off the lipstick near the middle of your mouth. Anything you have to slurp to eat is probably best to stay away from. 

2. Hot Dogs and Burgers

Meher Pandher

All those commercials that show models wearing bright red lipstick and eating burgers are lies. 

3. Korean Seafood Pancakes

Meher Pandher

They're just way too oily. Every time I think I can and every time I can't. 

4. Pizza

spinach, cheese, pizza, sauce, quiche, pie
Meher Pandher

It might hurt your heart, but its true. There's just too much oil and cheese. Especially if its the artichoke dip pizza from Artichoke Bassile's Pizza in NYC.

5. Burritos, Tacos, Wraps, Enchiladas, etc.

rice, chili
Meher Pandher

There's just too many moving parts. Its too complicated. Avoid. 

So, at the end of the day, what is there left to eat? I eat a lot of quinoa salads and add some corn and grilled chicken. Anything that's oily tends to take lipstick off your lips real quick. 

The other option is you could start wearing edible lipsticks. Or, if you love food too much, just reapply after your delicious meal full of oil and carbs and slurpy noodles.