As a student at William & Mary, I have a certain collegiate duty to love Wawa, honor Wawa, and frequent Wawa. Everyone knows their hoagies, coffee, and mac and cheese will always be a comfort to you, along with the typical roadside convenience store snacking selection. I'm always surprised by the variety of food offered. So I decided to take the time and document a few of the more surprising foods available for every situation.

Veggie & Quinoa Salad

Clara Poteet

Their adorable veggie & quinoa salad is only 260 calories and is conveniently available in a handy grab-and-go container. You can toss it in your bag to make sure you have energy for your late-afternoon classes.

Natural Chips

Clara Poteet

If you’re in the mood for some crunch and salt, but feel bad after gorging on regular, greasy potato chips, Wawa offers a few varieties of slightly healthier chips, made from natural ingredients. 

Fine Quality European Chocolate

beer, wine
Clara Poteet

Their “fine quality European chocolate made with natural ingredients” will knock your significant other’s socks off and cause them to applaud your taste. Sure, Valentine’s Day is over, but every night is special when you’re shopping at Wawa. 


coffee, cream, milk, sweet, chocolate, waffle
Clara Poteet

They’ll also applaud the ingenuity of this clever, Dutch treat. Place it over a hot mug of tea, coffee, or cocoa, and the cookie will heat up, causing an explosion of melted caramel filling. 

Shortbread Fingers

cookie, cake
Clara Poteet

If you're looking for a more traditional dessert, Wawa offers classic Scottish shortbread, made with pure butter for the perfect crumbly texture. 

Goya Maria Cookies

Clara Poteet

They also feature Maria cookies, which were created in nineteenth-century London for the royal wedding of the Grand Duchess Maria Alexandrovna of Russia to the Duke of Edinburgh. These cookies are popular on their own or in many recipes for sandwich cookies and cakes. 

Righteous Fellow Craft Jerky

coffee, tea, beer
Clara Poteet

In the vein of eating like you're in the 1800s, specifically on a pirate ship, Wawa offers beer-infused beef jerky. This cow looks like he might beat you up if you don't purchase it. 

Peddler's Pantry Crispy Rice Treats

coffee, cookie, chocolate
Clara Poteet

If you'd rather experience a sweeter time gone by, these traditional crispy rice treats are just the thing for you. 

Cannoli Dip & Chips

cream, chocolate, cookie
Clara Poteet

Last but not least, these cannoli dip and chips are perfect for when you can't decide between chips or dessert. They combine the crunch with the sugar, for a fantastic and original snack. 

So the next time you want to impress someone, stay healthy, or satisfy those 2 am cravings, head to Wawa. It will have something for you, no matter what you're craving.