Ever open your pantry and wonder if the food still sitting there for more than a year is still good?

Well, we looked into it for you. Here are 14 magical foods that can last forever on a shelf:

 Hard Liquor


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Yes, your eclectic, and probably shitty, collection of hard alcohol will stay good forever. It may lose some of its aroma, but for good measure just keep it in a cool, dark place and you’re good to go.

However, if it’s opened, you might want to think twice about drinking it after 6-8 months.



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Okay, so technically salt is a mineral, but I’m throwing it onto this list anyway. Regardless, table, kosher and sea salt lasts for quite some time.

Corn Starch


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Cornstarch forever and ever, wooooo.

Distilled White Vinegar


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Because vinegar is highly acidic, it’s actually used to keep other food fresh. So, on its own, it can stay fresh to death.

Powdered Milk


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Powdered milk is basically milk that’s been heated so that half of the milk solids evaporate. Unopened, powdered milk can last from 2-10 years, depending on how you store it.

If you’re questioning the old box of powdered milk that’s been in your cupboard forever, keep this in mind: if it’s yellow, then it’s gone bad.

Pure Vanilla Extract


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Since vanilla contains alcohol, it’s incredibly hard for bacteria to grow. All you have to do is keep it tightly sealed and it’ll be good for as long as you have the bottle around.

However, imitation vanilla does not have the same lifespan as the real deal. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya.



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White, wild, arborio, jasmine, and basmati rice all last forever when they’re dry. You’ll notice that brown rice isn’t on that list – because of its higher oil content, it goes bad quicker than the other rice out there.



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Sugar doesn’t ever go bad because the sweet stuff doesn’t support bacterial growth. Just store it in an airtight container so it doesn’t turn into a brick.



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Although honey may change color and texture over time, it will stay safe to eat for a very, very long time. To remove the crystals that may form on the top, just put the opened jar in warm water and stir until it dissolves.

Dry Pasta


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If left unopened, dried pasta can last for manyyy years. Obviously, if it smells or looks funny when you open it, throw it out. But more often than not it’ll be a-ok.

Soy Sauce


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Unopened, soy sauce can last for a long time, but the quality and flavor may deteriorate. Because it has such a high sodium content, it’s hard for bacteria to form. So if you have a bottle in your fridge from 1999 and you ordered sushi today, you’re probably good.

Dried Beans


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Technically, dried beans never spoil. But the longer you keep them around the longer it’ll take to cook ’em.

Instant Coffee


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As long as it’s vacuum sealed, instant coffee lasts indefinitely.

Pure Maple Syrup


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The real stuff (not Aunt Jemima) can last forever when stored in a freezer or fridge because of its high sugar content. Aka pancakes foreverrrr.