This past month has been an uplifting celebration of womanhood. If you're like me, you want to keep that momentum going. There are many companies and organizations that work to empower women year-round. It's a lot easier than you may think to help make a difference. Enjoy some foods that empower women while discovering 4 companies that help support woman-oriented causes.

Ben & Jerry's

I'm sure some of you may have heard of a little ice cream company called Ben & Jerry's. However, not as many people know that Ben & Jerry's helps to fund Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood does incredible work to help provide healthcare to women in low-income areas for little or no money. They provide cancer screenings, birth control, and other important services that women may not be able to access otherwise. It's hard to discuss women's empowerment without mentioning Planned Parenthood for all that they do to help women in need.

Donate directly to Planned Parenthood here

Jamba Juice

Among the numerous companies that donate to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Jamba Juice is one of the leading givers. Although breast cancer does affect men as well, it's primarily a disease of women. 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast concern their lifetime (NBCF 2018). The National Breast Cancer Foundation provides education, support, mammograms, and early detection of breast cancer. Next time you have a smoothie craving, consider heading to Jamba Juice to not only quench your thirst but support the fight to end breast cancer. 

Donate directly to the National Breast Cancer Foundation here

KIND Snacks

As the name suggests, KIND is very kind to many charitable organizations. Their list of organizations that they donate to includes the Joyful Heart Foundation. The Joyful Heart Foundation works to help survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and child abuse. Their mission is to provide healing, education, and advocacy in an effort to change society's response to such traumatic events and put an end to the cycles of abuse. 1 in 3 women are survivors of sexual violence and 3 women are killed daily by an intimate partner ( 2018). Sexual and intimate partner violence affects more women than men and is an experience with the power to change the entire course of someone's life. Exercise some kindness the next time you need an after-class pick me up and reach for a KIND bar. 

Donate directly to the Joyful Heart Foundation here

BONUS: Neutrogena

Neutrogena's parent company Johnson & Johnson donates significantly to the Global Fund for Women. The Global Fund does work in many countries to raise money for women's empowerment initiatives and charities. They stand for the establishment and upkeep of women's and human rights. It's important to keep in mind the global community when considering women's issues and empowerment. Consider investing in some Neutrogena products to care for your skin and worldwide women's empowerment.

Donate directly to the Global Fund for Women here

You rn, Probably

There are tons of ways to make a difference in the lives of women both locally and worldwide. Hopefully after reading this you feel ready to get out there and buy some sh*t to empower some women. Let's keep that women's history month tide rolling.