I’m not sure if this makes me lazy or if this makes me smart, but living in NYC the past two years has taught me that you can get pretty much anything delivered right to your door. I once had a spicy California roll and my clean laundry delivered, in between using an app to request a person to come install my window AC #millennial. 

So you could say I was pretty pumped to learn that FoodKick by FreshDirect, an on demand service that usually delivers my groceries, a little rosè for the weekend and post-party Advil, would also be delivering accessories by BaubleBar.

Photo Courtesy of FoodKick x BaubleBar

BaubleBar accessories, like a tiered gold necklace and trendy beaded fringe earrings, can be dropped off at your door in as little as an hour. The partnership with FoodKick started July 4 and features a total of six curated pieces each under $50. Each will be sold until supplies last. 

To top it off and further celebrate the partnership, every FoodKick order comes with a complimentary $15 gift card to use at BaubleBar.com (while supplies last).

My friend told me that the mini blue tassel earrings compliment my eyes and give my usually all-black ensemble a pop, so yeah, now I have the mini blue tassel earrings. 

“FoodKick was created to serve the life needs and food cycles of millennial-minded consumers that want quick delivery and high-quality items,” PJ Oleksak, Senior Vice President of Business Expansion at FreshDirect, said in a press release.

“We are thrilled to partner with BaubleBar to support this brand mission and bring our customers even more essentials for any summer celebration — from moment-making eats and drinks to outfit-making jewelry.”

You might not think that one would need their accessories delivered stat, but I do. If you’ve ever ordered earrings from a random store on Insta and you’re still checking your order status now four weeks later (but it seemed so legit!), you get it. It's shopping without the shitty parts, like putting on pants to go to the store or paying extra for three-day delivery. 

The partnership between FoodKick and BaubleBar is pretty smart, actually. According to Trustev, a fraud prevention company, 56 percent of people between the ages of 18-34 expect retailers to offer same-day shipping. While according to another survey conducted by Coldwell Banker Commercial Affiliates, 64 percent of that same age group would be more likely to make an online purchase if same-day delivery was offered. So basically, when it comes to same-day delivery (or say, less than one hour), millennials are here for it.

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Photo Courtesy of FoodKick x BaubleBar

Personally, even when I set a goal to pack my lunch more during the month of June, I still ordered lunch. I ordered out six times to be exact, totaling about $148 in food delivered. Each meal was at least $17; the highest was, a salad, some onion rings and a Diet Coke, totaling $30.71. Yes, I could have made that salad at home, but sometimes it's nice to have someone else do the work for you.

Overall, I think delivery services like FoodKick are great, and delivering things like a hot set of earrings makes them even more convenient. You can use the time you would have spent shopping to clean your apartment or watch an old episode of “Gossip Girl” after you place your order. In about an hour, you’ll have some new BaubleBar jewels and IDK, all the makings of a cheese plate or a frozen pizza. See, instant delivery is always better. NYC has definitely made me smarter.

Photo Courtesy of FoodKick x BaubleBar

#SpoonTip: FoodKick delivers exclusively to NYC, Queens and Brooklyn. If you live in the area and want accessories with your cold brew delivered fast AF, head to FoodKick.com to place your order.