Most people are self proclaimed foodies due to their love for food. However, there are some laws that foodies are required to know, follow, and not question whatsoever. Another term for this would be known as foodie laws and I'm here to present some of them to you.

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Heather Feibleman

Law #1: Don't just settle for any food place.

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Denise Uy

Since most foodies are experts in where to go for food, don't settle for the basic fast food chain. You're better than that. Instead, do a Spoon search for restaurants near you and find some places to go and check out. 

Law #2: If you live near a trendy food place that's all the rage, try checking it out.

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Hannah Freiberg

It can't hurt to go and see what everyone is talking about for yourself. You may absolutely fall in love with it or end up despising it and call it "that place with those trendy milkshakes." 

Law #3: Know when to spend and when to save.

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Anna Arteaga

Truth is, not all food is made equally. Some foods are made super well and are out of this world while other foods taste like they could've been made with the help of a kiddie oven. Learning the difference between amazing and underwhelming food will not only help you save on the bad stuff, but give you more money to spend on the good stuff.

Law #4: Photograph your food at all times and take no crap from anyone.

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Carolyne Su

According to this Spoon article, after doing hard research, taking pics of your food has the potential to improve how happy you are with your food. This is a good thing since if you're going to be a foodie, you should work on building and improving upon your relationship with food. Also, if anyone calls you a foodie, own up to it - don't be insulted by it. It's part of what makes you, you.

Law #5: Have fun with it.

Beatrice Forman

Be a foodie because you want to and because you love food so much that you want to make something out of it. 

With all of the main foodie laws being stated, go on and be the bomb foodie that you're meant to be. Don't let anything stop you - be creative, eat food, and be happy.