Dietary restrictions are not fun. As a fervent foodie who grew up enjoying rich milk chocolate and moist vanilla sponge cakes, developing an intolerance to milk and egg was an unbearably sad development. This sadness is especially emphasized around holidays like Easter that feature staple foods involving these ingredients. 

But, luckily for me, the interweb has banded together a vast global community of foodies who have dietary restrictions that align with mine, and so after doing some research, I've compiled a list of vegan variations of some of my favorite typical Easter lunch desserts. 

1. Vegan Creme Eggs (for those who can't have Cadbury's #cries)

Not being able to eat chunky creme eggs with a gooey fondant filling at the end of a lucrative Easter egg hunt is an Easter Sunday tragedy. Never fear: A Virtual Vegan has come up with a vegan variation of this childhood favorite.

2. Vegan Hot Cross Buns 

Soft, spiced hot cross buns are wonderfully warm on a cool Easter morning. So why not indulge in the fluffy goodness of spices, citrus and currants in a non-allergy-inducing way? 

3. Vegan Carrot Cake

Carrots and bunnies are an Easter staple, and when I was a child my nana would make the most delicious carrot cake with creamy vanilla frosting. Sadly, I can no longer look forward to this Easter afternoon treat, but I can try and make an equally delicious vegan version

4. Vegan Coconut Cream Pie 

I FOUND A RECIPE FOR A VEGAN, GLUTEN-FREE COCONUT CREAM PIE AND I AM VERY EXCIED ABOUT IT. It's yummy and tropical and light, so you can feed it to your middle-aged aunt who hasn't touched cake the past five Easter lunches because she says it will make her "bloat." 

5. Vegan Sugar Cookies 

For my young cousins and me, sugar cookies–especially bunny-shaped ones–constituted a must for a complete Easter lunch. Twelve years and ten thousand developed allergies later, I can still enjoy them in vegan form

6. Vegan Simnel Cake 

Plushy Simnel cake with velvety almond paste that is egg-free, dairy-free and gluten-free is an absolutely beautiful creation.  Thought to have been introduced as a springtime cake during Henry VII's reign, this fruitcake (typically topped with either almond paste or a layer of marzipan) has long been a British Eastertide favorite.

Be sure to check the Vegan Recipe Club's masterpiece here, and if you're a history buff like me, reading about the cake's contested history is a must, too.   

7. Vegan Chocolate Babka

Warm babka with rich, melty chocolate is one of this world's culinary treasures. So if you're in the mood for biting into (and most likely finishing) one of these in a manner that won't send you running to the bathroom, try out this recipe

8. Vegan Pastiera Napoletana

Pastiera Napoletana is a traditional Italian dessert that hails back to pagan traditions that celebrated the advent of Spring. Thanks to this groundbreaking recipe, even vegans can now enjoy the orange flower-flavored goodness. The recipe is in Italian, but pop it into Google Translate and you'll get a fairly accurate translation.

9. Vegan Lemon Meringue Pie

Creamy lemon meringue pie with a crumbly crust is one of my favorite springtime desserts. Obviously, meringue is usually made of egg whites, but check out this vegan version to make an intolerance-safe variation for Easter lunch! 

10. Vegan Strawberry Shortcake

Springtime in Italy heralds in the sweetest, juiciest strawberries of the year (in my opinion, at least–perhaps this is my childhood nostalgia speaking), so strawberry shortcake was a personal favorite at Easter lunch. If you would like to make a vegan recipe that is satisfying, filling and refreshing at the same time, try this out

11. Vegan Colomba 

The Colomba di Pasqua, a traditional Italian Easter cake, is light and fruity, and made in the shape of a dove. My uncles and I used to sit around the table after Easter lunch and slice away at the Colomba until, before we knew it, it was gone. Let's hope that you find this vegan Colomba just as irresistible. 

I honestly can't wait to get home for break and begin making dessert after dessert. My family may or may not end up hating the fact that our house will smell like vanilla and almonds for an odd month or so, but hey–it's all healthy, right? 

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