Through the squashing of UNC Asheville, Iowa, Miami, and the narrow victory over the number one overall seed Kansas, comes the massacre of Oklahoma by the biggest Final Four blowout ever. How do you like them apples?

Now, we face the other North Carolina team so here are the ways to Villanovafy your food and show your true Villanova support.

Pizza Slices


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Not only is it the essential college food, but it is also V-shaped (none of that square pizza madness). This is a sign that Villanovans were meant to eat pizza and is a sign for you to consume it in the name of nova basketball.

Notice the V character also applies to cakes, pies, and cheesecakes, so feel free to eat lots of those and decorate them too as taught in this article (all the better if there’s a V on top made with blue and white icing).

Ice Cream (Cones)


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Cones are V-shaped too, so feel free to indulge, and don’t forget to take a picture throwing up the V’s. If you’re looking to make your own ice cream, grab some cones at the store and whip up this easy recipe.

SpaghettiOs, A to Z Edition


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But you’re only allowed to eat the V’s, and you must throw out all of the U’s, N’s, and C’s. Or, if you’re feeling ambitious, you can spell out “Villanova” and “Go Cats.”

Zilly Fries (AKA Bacon, Ranch, and Mozzarella Fries)


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All Villanovans know of Campco (Campus Corner) because of the convenient delivery and relatively cheap food. They are also the only place open until 3 am so are the favorite for late night drunchies. Of all the items on the menu, though, nothing screams Villanova like the Zilly Fries. If you’re not on campus, here’s a similar recipe you can follow to make your own.

Anything Cut, Shaped, or Drawn like a V


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Show off that Villanova creativity and make anything you can into a Villanova sign, pop up the V’s, draw them all over Snapchat, let everyone know how proud you are to be a wildcat because let’s be honest, Villanova’s better than UNC. So sit back with one of these recipes and enjoy the game.

We dominated the tournament and the last time we went to the championship was 1985, and we all know what happened then. Here’s to another big win, let’s go Cats!