If you haven’t heard of the popular Rhyme Without Reason TikTok trend, let’s do a quick recap. It all started last year when high school and college students dressed up in pairs as two things that rhymed but had nothing to do with each other. They did this for Spirit Week, Greek Life events, and Halloween parties. Think First Aid and French Maid, Real Slim Shady and Tom Brady, and English Teacher and Swamp Creature. For our loyal foodies, along with our TBD converted foodies, here are 14 different food-themed rhyme-without-reason costume ideas that you can use to win this year's Halloween costume contest.

Banana & Hannah Montana

Buying a simple banana costume or wearing all yellow is super easy, and for Hannah, get yourself a blond wig and lots of sequins.

Honey & Bunny

This combination is also a really easy one to take on. To be a bunny, Get some bunny ears, whiskers, and a fluffy tail. For honey, try wearing all gold or yellow, or just order yourself a honey costume.

Coors Lite & Snow White

To make this costume with your friend or partner, we suggest simply buying a Coors Light shirt and a Snow White costume.

Dorito & Burrito

To be a bag of Doritos, you have two amazing choices: regular and cool ranch. It is easiest to wear a monochrome outfit of whichever chip variation you prefer and write “Doritos” on your shirt. Or, if you are a savvy DIY-er, you can glue together a bunch of empty bags of Doritos. To be a burrito, the easiest option is to buy a costume online or wrap yourself in layers of different colored blankets — warm and cozy.

Potato & Tomato

To make the most realistic potato and tomato, wear all red or all brown. Although you can make the costume as realistic and intricate as you want, this is a great option if you are looking for a last-minute costume or don’t want to spend any money.

Pancake & steak

Get yourself a steak costume and pancake costume online or at a party store.

Cheese & green peas

To make green peas, dress in a monochrome all-green outfit with small green balloons stapled to your clothes. For your cheese, dress in white or orange and add cheese ‘holes’ made from paper or drawn on with a marker. Or buy a cheese wedge costume online.

Egg & Beer Keg

For the egg, add a yellow circle to the center of a white t-shirt made from paper or cardboard. For the beer keg, go full tin man with aluminum foil and some red solo cups.

Soup & Tostito Scoop

For the duo that doesn’t love dressing up, go for a Cambell’s soup t-shirt. To be a Tostito Scoop, you can cover yourself in empty Scoops bags.

Linguini & Zucchini

Some yellow yarn, a white t-shirt, and glue will turn you into a pile of linguini. The zucchini can dress up in all green and carry around a zucchini with them.

Green Bean & Prom Queen

To make a green bean costume, dress in all green and add light green balloons down the front to be the ‘beans.’ For the prom queen, thrift a princess-y dress and find yourself a tiara.

Potato Chip & Onion Dip

Buy a giant container of potato chips and start saving the bags. Once you’ve collected enough, glue them together into a dress. For the onion dip, dress in all white with ‘onion’ pieces made out of cardboard glued to yourself. You can even create an onion hat if you want.