There are lots of New Jersey stereotypes (ie we are all pizza and bagel snobs or that we reference where we live by a Garden State Parkway exit) and things to make fun of us for, but I'm pretty sure that we all love our food when it comes to state pride. Here are some New Jersey foods you will probably be hearing us Jersey kids talk about this semester.

1. The 3 "P's" - Pizza, Pasta, Playa Bowls


Don't let anyone tell you their state's pizza is the best unless they're talking about New Jersey. It's true that we have the best pizza and we love to prove it. It's the best pizza because we have great ingredients from the water and the fresh tomatoes.

We also have some pretty great chefs that come from the homeland to make our pies. In our home state we have several places to grab your favorite slice with friends or family. Whether you want a fancy pie for a nice dinner or a greasy slice after a night out, Jersey's got it all. 

Other Favorite Pizza:

Tulua's - Has the most amazing unique pizzas & toasts

Federico's - Known for the best slice around town


carb, pasta, penne, sauce, vegetable, spaghetti
Caroline Ingalls

Just like pizza, we love our pasta here in the Garden State. Whether your favorite is from mom's kitchen or a restaurant, no doubt it's going to be amazing. Personally being the good Italian girl I am, the best pasta comes out of mom's or nonna's kitchen (and nowhere else)!

Playa Bowls

Nicolette Contella

What started with a small stand in Belmar, NJ has grown to a major company and every Jersey person has fallen in love with these. You could say that I'm a little biased towards this company because I've worked in the original location for over 3 years...but they do serve up the best acai, pitaya (pink dragonfruit), coconut, and green bowls on the East Coast.

2. Coffee Surf

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Nicolette Contella

In Jersey, we also love a good cup of coffee, and Coffee Surf Co.  does just that. They specialize in Nitro-infused drinks on tap, which are amazing. If you are ever in Belmar or Sea Bright, NJ you need to stop by and grab a cup. My go-to order is Coconut Cold Brew with half & half. It's the perfect summer or anytime coffee.

3. Bagels

flour, dough, pastry, bun, cereal, bagel, bread, wheat
Ashley Hamati

Yes, bagels are everywhere, but Jersey's are the best. They are light, fluffy, and could be eaten toasted or not toasted. Jersey people know that any bagel they eat outside of their state is going to be just subpar. What you put on your bagel is up to you, but I recommend butter, cream cheese, Nutella, hummus, and avocado.

But I must mention the [Taylor Ham] pork-roll, egg and cheese bagel. It is perfect after a night of partying at the Jersey Shore. I don't eat meat, but all my friends are obsessed. My go-to is a toasted sesame seed bagel with hummus, butter, or avocado. What I would do for a New Jersey bagel right now is unreal. 

4. Jersey Shore Ice Cream

Yes, we have the best ice cream too. Pictured here is Strollo's Italian Ice located in Belmar, NJ. Strollo's is a small place that is loved by locals and tourists alike. My usual here is Mango Ice + Vanilla Soft serve. It's seriously life changing! Enjoy your ice cream on their famous blue tables and listen to a local guitarist (who has been playing their since I've been 6 years old) and take in the scenes of The Jersey Shore. 

5. Mom's Cooking

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Nicolette Contella

Being away from home while at school (in Maryland) makes me miss my mom's cooking at home. She cooks every night for dinner and I'm seriously looking forward to it on breaks.

New Jersey-ians, we are really lucky to live in a state with great food and we definitely miss it when we are not there. But being at school means the next Jersey meal is only a break away. I seriously cannot wait for a bagel on Black Friday morning.