Stars — they're just like us (they love food just as much as we do). Sometimes, though, food situations don't always go as planned, and when you’re a celebrity, you rarely have the privacy of being in your own home. In fact,a lot of the time, there are quite interesting and embarrassing things that happen to celebrities involving food. Hey, grease stains, ketchup marks, and puking happen to everyone, okay? 

1. Justin Bieber

On the first night of his world tour in 2012, Justin Bieber threw up on stage not once, but twice. He claims it was because he drank too much milk before the concert. Ew. That’s one way to kick off a tour.

2. Serena Williams

The tennis legend said on Snapchat that she was curious to see how the “doggy menu” at her hotel would taste. She ordered the salmon and rice because, after all, she likes salmon. Serena ate a spoonful, but two hours later she ran to the toilet since she felt like she was going to pass out. Maybe let’s not eat dog food next time?

3. Selena Gomez

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Walking the red carpet can’t stop Selena Gomez from snacking. While Selena was making an appearance at the KIIS-FM Jingle Ball in December of 2015, she had her assistant hold her half-eaten Chick-fil-A chicken sandwich. That’s what assistants are really for.

4. Taylor Momsen

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The former Gossip Girl star got food poisoning during a gig with her band, The Pretty Reckless. In an interview she said, “I almost threw up in the middle of the second song. I was spewing in my mouth and swallowing it back down and I kept turning around and singing.” Sounds horrifying.

So, don't worry. No matter how bad you've had food poisoning, at least it hasn't been on stage in front of thousands of people (and then all over the news the next day). If you're ever feeling embarrassed about anything (whether it involves food or not), just remind yourself that you have something in common with the Biebs, so you're basically a celebrity.