Food is a fundamental part of Indian culture, which makes India a foodie's paradise. During my visit to India last summer, I uncovered a whole new world of flavours and cooking techniques, while learning about the true purpose of food from the locals. There are so many reasons why foodies should visit India, but here are a few that should satisfy your cravings for spice and adventure.

1. The Exotic Flavours

Each dish is prepared with the perfect blend of rich spices and fresh ingredients. As soon as you can start to smell that wonderful aroma of Indian food, you'll know you're in for the meal of your life. 

2. The Art of Eating With Your Hands

While in India, put the knife and fork down. Eat your meal with the two utensils that you were born with — your hands. Although this may seem uncomfortable at first, it's the authentic way of eating an Indian dish.

I tried this technique while I was in India and was honestly surprised at how much better my meal tasted. The locals swear by it and they claim that eating Indian food with your hands allows you to enjoy the flavours on a whole new level. 

3. The Ability to Bring People Together

In India, a simple meal has the power to bring a family or community together. While visiting a Sikh temple in India, you may find yourself eating a delicious (and free) meal with hundreds of other people.

This meal is prepared by kind volunteers for people that use the temple (regardless of their gender, religion, class or age). In India, sharing a meal allows people to forget about any conflict, drama or stress in life, and focus on family and blessings. Come on, how can you disagree with that mantra?

4. The Unique Flavours of Every Region 

Every region in India prides itself on having their own unique cuisine. Depending on where you visit, the ingredients, spiciness and types of dishes will differ. That's why you should head to as many regions as you can, and take in all of that curry goodness. 

5. The Chance to Break Out of Your Comfort Zone

Although India may seem a little scary at times, the best way to combat that fear is to embrace it. As a foodie, you're already used to trying new things. So, pack that bravery in your suitcase and push the limits of your comfort zone.

I guarantee that India will exceed all of your expectations in the most delicious ways. What are you waiting for? Pack your bags and buy a ticket to India, fellow foodie!