Last summer the "full face of food" challenge hit YouTube, and became pretty popular. I loved watching my favorite YouTube beauty gurus slather food on their face, and the new season of Orange is the New Black reminded me of this weirdly specific interest of mine. This trend has made a resurgence this summer on Twitter and Insta, so if you'd like to try it yourself, here are some ideas for food makeup. 

Cocoa Powder

chocolate, cocoa powder, cocoa
Jocelyn Hsu

Foundation, bronzer, lipstick, eye shadow - Cocoa powder is so good for makeup that it's actually already used in high-end products. Mix some with a lighter powder to find a foundation match, then put some coconut oil in your mixture so it applies smoothly to your face. You can also use it for your contour, put some in your crease, or mix some with coconut oil for a Kylie-inspired lipstick. 


butter, peanut butter, cream, peanut, chocolate
Diana Ghidanac

Foundation - Mix cornstarch with cocoa powder to find your perfect color.

Peanut butter 

PB, jar, milk, chocolate, coffee, candy, sweet, peanut butter
Caroline Ingalls

Foundation - This is a good alternative to using powders if you have dry skin. Again, mix with coconut oil to dilute to the proper shade and make the application smoother.  

Powdered sugar

Foundation, setting powder - This is another ingredient you can mix with cocoa powder to match your foundation. You can also dust some over your peanut butter as a setting powder.


sweet, dough, wheat, coffee, bread, dairy product, cereal, milk, flour
Jocelyn Hsu

Setting powder - The smooth finish this gives your skin is actually so nice, it could probably work in a pinch if you run out of your actual setting powder. 

Coconut oil

yogurt, milk
Andrew Zaky

Highlighter, lip gloss - Other than being an important component in making food makeup wearable, you can also use coconut oil as a highlight or as lip gloss for an incredible shine.

Vanilla sugar

Highlighter - This is another good option for highlighter if you prefer a glittery and reflective glow to a dewy one - just don't apply this one to the corners of your eyes. 


cookie, chocolate, cinnamon
Natalie Rodriguez

Eye shadow, bronzer, eyebrows - Probably as versatile as cocoa powder, cinnamon can be used for contour, eyebrows, even eye shadow... If you're careful. Mix it with coconut oil, and keep the application in the crease. It won't blind you but it will sting if it gets in your eye. 


nutmeg, cinnamon
Lissane Kafie

Eye shadow, eyebrows, bronzer - Basically a lighter version of cinnamon. 


matcha, green tea, herb, vegetable
Sam Jesner

Eye shadow - Apply straight or mix with coconut oil for a pretty, light green eyeshadow. Matcha can be used under your eyes to help with dark circles, so it's probably safe to use as eyeshadow.


cinnamon, cumin, turmeric, relish, coffee, sweet, curry, condiment
Katie Davidson

Eye shadow - Not only will this spice color your skin a beautiful, vibrant, sunny yellow, apparently, it's good to put around your eye. Just be careful with application, and definitely dilute this one with coconut oil. 


pasture, sweet cherry, juice, sweet, berry, cherry
Jocelyn Hsu

Eye shadow - This stain doesn't look too prominent on your lips, but biting into a cherry and rubbing it onto your eyelids will give you glossy pink eye shadow. 


Eye shadow - This super food comes in powder form and will give you a gorgeous emerald green color on your eyelids.

Activated Charcoal

Caroline Ingalls

Eyeliner - This is basically a food now, isn't it? Now whether or not activated charcoal is safe to use for your eye is up for debate. I would suggest keeping it only on your top eyelid and not trying to make mascara out of it. Wash it off with cool water if it starts to irritate your eye, and don't leave it on all day. 


Lip color, eye shadow - Frosting comes in every color of the rainbow and would be great to use as a lipstick, as long as you can refrain from licking it off. It would possibly also work as an eye shadow, although you should always be careful when putting anything near your eyeball, and the sticky texture might not feel too great on your eyelid. 


vegetable, beet, sweet
Margaret Weinberg

Blush, lipstick - Beets stain everything they touch pink, and would be perfect for a lip or cheek stain.


berry, blackberry, sweet, pasture
Rachel Dean

Lip gloss - The color payoff from these berries aren't quite intense enough to count as a lipstick, but look pretty good as a lip gloss. 


marmalade, strawberry, gelatin, jam, raspberry, berry, sweet
Sarah Silbiger

Blush and lips - Jam has a bunch of different varieties, which means a lot of different color options! Also, the color it leaves behind is a little more vibrant than fresh berries, so it works for blush or lipstick. 

Cotton Candy 

Blush  - Melt pink (or blue if you're feeling daring) cotton candy in some water for a light pink blush. 


Tulsa Williams

Lipstick - This is a real life prison hack. Wet the skittle of your choice in water, then rub it on your lips for a lip stain!


Lips - To look like an actual Instagram model, put butter on your lips as a base, then dip your lips in a puddle of sprinkles. 


marshmallow, candy, sweet
Avery Nicholson

Makeup sponge - Don't ruin your real Beauty Blender with food, use a jumbo marshmallow as a makeup sponge. You can even eat it when you're finished.

Snap Peas

runner bean, pea, pasture, legume, vegetable, snow peas, fresh peas, local peas, local vegetables, farmer's market
Sam Jesner

Eyeliner - Use the edge of the snap pea pod to apply a perfect wing to your eyeliner. 

Hopefully, this list of foods has gotten you inspired to take on the trend yourself, but keep in mind that most of the products have not been approved by the FDA to put on your face! Proceed with caution, and don't leave the food makeup on for too long, or you'll clog your pores and probably experience an awful breakout.