I have been living for over two years in the Hostel, there are always a definite list of food items on my grocery list and it just hasn't changed. I have come to the realisation that these food items are absolutely essential for a fulfilling hostel life away from home. So, if you feel that something is missing in yours, we have got you covered.

1. Maggi Noodles

This has to be a part of my hostel luggage no matter what. Maggi is easy to make and quite fulfilling. And, it is yumm! I also carry a pack of Cup Noodles; they are the greatest discovery in the life of lazy people who are hungry all the time.

2. Ready To Make Packets Of Upma/Poha 

sweet, jam, vegetable, dairy product
Shreya Sahni

Its healthy, its tasty and its super easy. These have great texture, which gives you enough hope to cope up with the rest of University and Hostel— and that is really all we need!

3. Mathri

pastry, chocolate, sweet
Shreya Sahni

Mathris are probably the best union there can be of flour, water and cumin seeds and salt of course. These are flaky biscuits, which can last of almost 2 months. You can both buy readymade packs of Mathris or take home cooked if someone in your family makes mathri. My mother makes it for me so I am pretty much sorted. 

4. Oregano Seasonings

beer, coffee, tea
Karan Kapoor

As a hostel student, I have come to realize that there is no such phrase as, “Oh, this seasoning goes only with this”, Oregano Seasoning makes your life a hell lotta brighter. You put it in your maggi, you put it in your upma, you put it in the sad hostel pasta. You put it in your mouth! Check out a super easy recipe to make it right here.

5. Powdered Milk

peanut butter, chocolate, milk, coffee
Shreya Sahni

Good for you if you like black coffee as hostel is not some place where you can get milk all the time. There is also a problem of storage because there is a common fridge, which is common in its “truest sense”. Everything kept in that fridge belongs to everyone and there is no guarantee that you would get what you kept. Therefore, a wise man once said, “Always keep packets of powdered milk” and I did. 

6. Cereal

breakfast, Cheerios, bowl of cereal, pouring milk, milk, cereal
Jocelyn Hsu

When you are getting late for your class, cereals are the quickest breakfast. I carry small packets of Chocos or any cereal of my choice because believe me, if you are from the hostel, you’ll always be late for your first class.

7. Green Tea:

tea, coffee, sweet, milk, cream
Meredith Simmons

Green Tea, to atone for all the junk I eat all through the day. Furthermore, it helps develop a dependable immune system. Falling ill away from home is terrible and makes you miss it even more. Therefore, I make sure this is a part of my daily routine.  

Away from home, we generally tend to miss meals and adopt a very unhealthy lifestyle because we don't have someone to check on us all the time. It is about time we take ownership of our body and enjoy what we eat while making sure it is healthy. This has worked for me pretty well and I know for sure it will work for you too.