Valentine’s Day is coming up, and whether you’re celebrating with someone else, yourself, or feeling pretty confused, this gift guide has something for everyone. Especially if that special someone (you) is a major foodie. Food gift boxes are yummy, but only last as long as you don’t eat them. This year try something a little more memorable and durable! These food inspired Valentine’s Day gifts are fun, sweet, and creative enough to show everlasting love to whomever needs it most.

1. Flavored Lip Balm

The winter months crack and destroy lips, and that is definitely not something you want to be kissing on this romantic day. Sweet flavored lip balms are a perfect gift for your SO or your BFF because they’re so useful for them, and so cheap for you! Don’t drive yourself crazy looking for the “perfect gift” that probably doesn’t exist. Lip balm is a very underrated gift that allows for a little self-pampering and with flavors like cake batter, or peppermint twist, whomever you gift it to is gonna wanna smooch you in return. Find some inpso here.

2. Scented Candles

Nothing sets the mood like a little soft music, dim lighting, and the sweet smell of cinnamon, or vanilla, or gingerbread wafting through the air. Go large or go small, sweet scents are another opportunity for self-pampering or an opportunity for romantic time with your SO. Whether you decide to treat yourself this year, or treat a loved one, a candle is sure to relax and rejuvenate even the most lowkey Valentine’s Day.

Check out these yummy finds.

3. Soaps/Lotions/Perfumes

While these gift sets can be a tad bit cliché, soaps and lotions are a necessity in life, so you really can’t go wrong. This offers yet another way to self-pamper, and the sweet smell will definitely follow them throughout the day. Flavors like orange cream, or coconut are fresh, light, and airy enough that no one will get nauseous. So if you’re stuck in a cubicle next to them, or ready for some late-night snuggling, getting up close and personal with someone calls for a sweet hygienic treat.

Try these sweet scents.

4. Stickers

Shopping for a friend? Or maybe for yourself? Stickers are the perfect platonic present that show you care without saying tooooo much. They are also so versatile! Making sure they are safe for surfaces, of course, you can stick them on just about anything from laptops to calendars to doors to notebooks. There are also wayyyy too many to choose from, it’s impossible to just buy one. Avocados, nuggets, and donuts are among my favorites, but with endless vendors comes endless possibilities.

Take a look at some of these.

5. Phone Case

If you know someone that is addicted to their phone and can’t stop looking at food-stagrams, then a foodie phone case is literally the only thing to get them. I’ve seen it all, sushi, donuts, fruits, and even pizza! You can even find sites to design your own if you know they have a favorite food. You also can’t go wrong with an “OK, but first coffee” case for all the caffeine lovers out there.

Here are some cool ones.

6. Mug

If a coffee phone just isn’t enough for your caffeine crazed person, pair it with a cute mug for them to sip from while they scroll through some more food-stagrams. There are lots of fun options for mugs that are shaped like food and mugs that just have pictures or quotes about food. And to spice it up a little more, try filling it with something like a gift card or candy! (I know I said you can’t eat any of this stuff, but what would Valentine’s Day be without some candy from bae?)

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