Okay, we’ve all been there: 3 hours of searching #lifehacks on Pinterest just to save a couple minutes of our time. Let us spare your precious time by avoiding the mindless searching.

From all my own digging, here are some food hacks that are a combination of weird and brilliant. 

1. Use Your Macbook Power Adapter as a Bottle Opener.

Crack open your favorite drink and prove to everyone that Macs > PCs. If you don’t have a Macbook, there are other ways to open bottles.

2. Use Floss To Cut Cake and Cheese.

For when you’re too lazy (or excited to eat cake) and you’ve run out of clean knives.

3. Use Tortillas Instead of Plates.

chicken, basil, spinach
Katie Elliott

Save yourself some time (and help the environment). Go all out and make your own tortillas.

4. Crush Oreos and Put Them In a Salt Shaker.

Add some Oreo dust to your favorite ice cream.

5. Crush Doritos and Put Them In a Salt Shaker.

If you’re looking for something a little more savory.

6. Use Spoons If You Don’t Have a Roasting Rack.

Now you can finally roast whatever you want (chicken, nuts, veggies, garlic – you name it).

7. Add Salt and Cinnamon to the Oven Floor to Reduce Smoke.

Bari Blanga

It’ll be easier to clean your oven later, too.

8. Keep Your Cake From Going Stale with Bread and Toothpicks.

Or eat all of the cake in one sitting so you don’t have to worry – that’s what we do.

9. Easily Cut Fruit and Veggies.

Efficiency at its finest. More fruit hacks right here.

10. Eat Pizza Without Using Plates.

Save yourself from washing dishes by using the pizza box.

11. Clean Your Oven With Vanilla Extract.

Pour some vanilla extract on a rag and scrub your oven racks. Turn on the oven and enjoy the delicious vanilla scent.

12. Put Salt On Watermelon To Sweeten It.

melon, watermelon
Tess Wei

Also, to amp up your chocolate chip cookies, sprinkle some salt on them a few minutes before they finish baking to accentuate their texture and flavor.

13. Replace Sour Cream with Greek Yogurt.

sweet, coffee, dairy product, yogurt, cream, milk
Kathleen Lee

Greek yogurt is so versatile.

14. Store Cookies With an Apple Wedge to Keep Them Moist.

cookie, chocolate
Spoon Csu

This is the cookie monster’s favorite food hack. (Or you can make this 1-serving microwave cookie in a mug.)

15. Make Frosting Out of Pudding.

berry, chocolate, cream, cake, blackberry
Dara Ades

More detailed instructions here.

16. Use Avocados Instead of Mayonnaise In Sandwiches.

vegetable, guacamole, avocado
Rebecca Holstein

Bonus healthy food hack: use avocados instead of butter when baking food.

17. Cake Mix + Coke = Delicious Fluffy Cake.

chocolate, sweet, cake
Maddie Lanier

This simple two-ingredient recipe will make you stop following box instructions. More details here.

18. Use Marshmallows Instead of Frosting.

marshmallow, candy, sweet
Avery Nicholson

Put large marshmallows on your cupcakes 5 minutes before they finish baking in place of frosting. (If you got some extra marshmallows, use them up by making these 8 recipes.)

 19. Put Onions or Garlic In Your Socks For Better Sleep.

Kendra Valkema

We promise it works – it’s backed by science.

20. Make an Egg Burger.

The hamburger version of the eggocado.

21. Keep Your Ice Cream Soft by Storing It In A Ziplock Bag.

Soft serve deliciousness –it’ll make you want to eat ice cream for every meal.