Beyoncé announced on her Instagram that she's pregnant with twins. *Drops mic. Internet Breaks. We are super excited for her, and seriously want to help her out with baby names. Blue Ivy is a dope name. But she has the opportunity to get creative with twins. That's why we're giving her some epic food duo name suggestions. Hey, Gwyneth Paltrow named her kid Apple, why can't Bey name her kid Bacon? 

Sushi and Sake

fish, sashimi, avocado, wasabi, rice, sushi
Photo courtesy of @sobeautifullyraw on Instagram

How epic would a name like Sushi be, let alone Sake? It's like totally exotic and it can definitely be a huge trend.  

Milk and Cookie

buttercream, cream, cake
Photo by Ella Storey

Just having a kid named Milk would be legendary. Add Cookie to the mix, and this pair will be unbeatable. 

Celery and Hummus

Celery and Hummus are a strong duo. Seriously, you don't wanna mess with these kids. One is packed with protein, and the other has layers that are hard to peel back. 

Chip and Salsa

onion, vegetable, mango, pepper, salsa
Photo by Caroline Grew

With a name like Salsa, the kid is bound to be feisty. Chip will be the one to hold her back. 

Peaches and Cream

berry, sweet
Photo by Annie Madole

With names like Peaches and Cream, these twins are bound to be the sweetest things. We can't get enough of them.

Bacon and Egg

cheese, bacon, egg, scrambled
Photo by Anastasia Yip

Bacon needs to be a more common baby name. Like for real though, how epic would that be if you introduced yourself as Bacon. People will fall in love. Egg might be the overshadowed twin in this duo, but equally as important.

Salt and Pepper

With names like Salt and Pepper, these twins are bound to be basic. They'll be the trendsetters that everyone needs in their lives. 

Rice and Bean

Rice and Bean are two foods that are good together or apart. When they are together, it's a blast. But they are just as fun when they are apart. 

Cinnamon and Sugar

Twins with this food duo name are the most popular kids on the playground. They're energetic, creative, and brighten up your day.