As a frequent Netflix watcher, I sometimes get the feeling that I should do something productive instead of binge watch "Friends" for the eighth time. Usually I ignore this thought, but switching it up and watching something educational for a change at least feels more productive. As the dedicated foodie that I am, the food documentary section is my go-to for times like these. So if you want to learn something new learn, here are six Netflix documentaries you should check out, based on what mood you're in. 

You want a new perspective: "The Search for General Tso"

This documentary shows many insights into Chinese history and the Americanization of Chinese food, while also trying to find out where the dish “General Tso Chicken” came from. The blend of cultural facts and pictures of steamy noodles is guaranteed to change how you see Chinese food, though you may want to have a take-out menu ready. 

You're feeling worldly: "Somm"

This unique documentary reveals the difficult process of becoming a Master Sommelier (a fine wine expert). The film follows four candidates for the Master Sommelier exam, which they have about an 8 percent chance of passing, through their final days of preparation. This documentary shows an insight into the passionate, talented, and brilliant world of the Master Sommelier.

You're feeling fancy: "Cooked"

"Cooked" is a docu-series about how our food and our culture adapted to the four elements: fire, earth, water, and wind. Viewers see how the discovery of fire changed human evolution, the value of water and air in cooking, and how elements of the earth can be used to make food we all know and love. A little fact heavy, but totally worth the watch. 

You're feeling healthy: "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead"

"Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" is a doc about a guy who attempts to reverse a lifetime of bad health decisions by fasting, juicing and exercising. Viewers will see the goals, motivations, challenges and victories of those who must lose weight in a matter of life or death. Overall, this pick shows that health is a priority and that there’s no time like the present to start making better choices.

You're fired up: "Food, Inc."

If you want to be horrified by North American food processing, "Food, Inc." is for you. "Food, Inc." shows the major implications of the shift from traditional agricultural food practices to large-scale farming. It highlights some serious issues regarding animal treatment, and it may even convince you to go vegetarian for a few days.

You're feeling like a chef: "Chef's Table"

"Chef's Table" is a documentary series, featuring a different chef in each episode and how they became the success they are today — from childhood to now. Using elements of human emotion, passion and often unique ingredients, this series proves that running a restaurant isn’t easy but it is #worthit.

Food documentaries can be a great way to experience new foods and new cultures from the comfort of your PJ's. So next time you find yourself staring into your own reflection in the computer screen, regretting your choices while Netflix asks if you want to watch another episode, try watching a food documentary instead.