$99,720. The average cost for a four year, public university tuition according to College Board. For your education, you'll spend nearly one hundred thousand, and that doesn't account for the countless textbooks you'll have to buy, your meal plan, and your room and board. The cost of college seems to be slowly rising, and soon enough, your student loans will be with you until death do you part.

You have to wonder what else you could purchase with all the money you spend on your education. Listed below are just a few of the foods you could buy, instead of spending all of the money on a diploma.

12,014 Chipotle Burritos

Make that 9,497 with guac...

24,992 Big Macs

Just when you think that is ridiculous, there is a man named Don Gorske who has recently eaten his 29,000th Big Mac. I'm sure he's glad to know he spent the equivalent of a college education on fast food burgers. He might not be lovin' them any more.

110,800 Kraft Mac and Cheeses

If you buy the macaroni and cheese in sets of five, the cost for the box will be under a dollar. There are three servings of the good stuff in each box, so that amount could feed 332,400 people. That's more than half the population of Wyoming.

12,543 Cheesecake Factory Cheesecake Slices

Not going to lie, this is a pretty tempting deal. It would be a good chance to finally have a chance to try out all of the flavors.

9,982 Olive Garden Never Ending Pasta Bowls

With the amount of pasta you can get with that, you'll have never ending pasta for life.

14,883 Double-Double Burger Combos from In-N-Out

Imagine if everyday, once a day, you went to In-N-Out and ordered one Double-Double Burger Combo. You would have to keep up that habit for nearly 41 years before you spent all of the money that you are using for your college tuition. Just take a moment to let that sink in.

32,695 8-Piece Chicken Nuggets from Chick-Fil-A

I'd be eating more chicken, that's for sure.

20,145 Venti Frappuccinos

Because everyone wants to have one frozen, sugary, barely-caffeinated drink when they wake up every morning for the next 55 years.

119,784 Donuts from Dunkin' Donuts 

If you buy the donuts in boxes of one dozen (a box for $9.99), you will have thousands of donuts. More than that, you'll have many friends, because who doesn't want donuts? 

While your education will be expensive, the knowledge and experience you will obtain will be priceless. The food might be slightly tempting, but the chance to have a diploma is something that should not be given up on, even if it means you could have nearly 15,000 combos from In-N-Out.