Let's get one thing clear: Whole Foods is expensive. And sometimes it can be a little daunting to go in without a list because there are so many potentially yummy things that you wanna try, but don't wanna risk spending money in case they don't turn out as good as you think. Lucky for you, I found five (although there are many more) snacks and treats that will always be worth it, even if it is priced a tad high.

Enlightened Ice Cream

I, as someone who can't get enough of low-calorie desserts, have always been a fan of Halo Top. But once I tried Enlightened, I quickly discovered the best new low-calorie ice cream. The chocolate peanut butter is rich and creamy, and the marshmallow peanut butter reminds me of a peanut butter and fluff sandwich from when I was a kid. It's definitely the most worth it, even at $5.00 a pint.

SUMO Oranges

One of my biggest cravings is always a piece of fresh fruit. Oranges are super refreshing, and a large one can keep me full through a long day of classes. SUMO oranges are HUGE and packed with juice.  They're a little expensive at $1.50 a pound considering that a pound is really only two oranges, but they stay fresh for a while and are SUPER healthy and delicious.

Little Secrets Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Candies

Movie nights, or any night really, is super tempting to indulge in candy, especially when it involves chocolate and peanut butter. Sometimes M&M's leave me feeling gross, and I prefer dark chocolate to milk. Little Secrets are perfect to keep in the freezer because that's the best way to eat chocolate.  At $5.00 for a bag, they're honestly worth it for the price and quality.

Banza Chickpea Pasta

Let me tell you something.  I love pasta. It's quick, easy, and delicious. The one problem I have with it is that it can be really hard to get a full meal out of just a bowl or plate of pasta. That's why Banza is so great. It has protein from chickpea flour. The pasta on its own is loaded with enough goodness to make a meal. And honestly, at $4.00 for a box of rotini, it's worth it for the 3-4 meals that a single box could give you.

Macaroon Bar

I love macaroons.  Laduree is really good, but I don't have the time or money to get myself there for the simple joy of a light almond cookie.  That's why I was SO excited to find out about Whole Foods' macaroon bar.  The pricing is $2.00 for one cookie or $12.00 for 10 cookies.  The flavors change often based on what's available, and they're always fresh, so to me they're totally worth it.

Seriously, I know that it can be hard to go into Whole Foods without a list. Even I feel like a kid in a candy store, but I know for a fact that these snacks are worth it.