1.  Foodies Unite

Still trying to find your place on campus? Already found your place? Look no further and here's another. Spoon Stonehill brings together writers, photographers, and marketers with a common passion: food. You'll have the opportunity to meet new people while sipping on a trendy coffee, posting it to Instagram to get mad likes, all while creating a piece of content to post online.

2.  Let Your Creativity Run Wild

Do you have the world's best cure for a hangover? Or know the best-hidden restaurant in Easton?  What about Grandma's recipe for mac and cheese that kills your homesickness?  Spoon is a platform for any topic related to food, giving contributors free reign and endless creativity.

3. New Friends, Fun Times

Spoon University isn't just about publishing articles and videos. It's also about trips to local restaurants, networking with others, throwing dope events, and much, much more.  Think about all the people you'll meet.  You might even meet your new best friend. 

4. Mad Instagram Opportunities 

chocolate, coffee
Amy Cho

Do you have a killer Instagram? Are you looking to take it to the next level? At Spoon, you'll have the opportunity to post your own photos to the chapter's Instagram account, letting all other Spoon University members view it. With every bit of food you taste, review, and write about, you'll have a new food pic to add to your feed.

5. Be the Start of Something New 

Spoon University is coming to Stonehill College for the first time RIGHT NOW.  You have an opportunity to join the chapter in its inaugural year and make something out of nothing.  Talk about major resume builder.