In the crazy world we live in with so many coffee cup options to choose from, it can be difficult to find your true coffee carrier identity. Who knew that the kind of cup you reach for each morning speaks volumes about your personality?

The Mug


Photo by Rebecca Block

If you always ask for your coffee to be served in a ceramic mug, you are a true café person. You’re a romantic and you make time to enjoy your cup of joe. If you’ve got a book or the newspaper to read while you sip, life is good.

The Classic To-Go Cup


Photo by Becky Hughes

If you like seeing your name misspelled in ink and enjoy carrying a paper cup as you race to work or walk the streets of some grand city, the to-go cup is for you. You are a busy person and need to energize on the go. You lead an exciting life and your calendar is always booked. For you, coffee is best enjoyed sipped out of a lid.

The Thermos


Photo by Caroline Grew

The thermos is the adventurer’s version of the mason jar. Best for camping, hiking and all other outdoor excursions, the thermos keeps your coffee hot and fits nicely in a backpack without ruining all of your other belongings. You shop at REI and wear North Face and never leave the house or adventure without your thermos.

The Mason Jar


Photo by Gabby Phi

Hipsters, you have to love them. The mason jar is the unicorn of coffee cups and is like the other options but much more magical. If you are loyal to the mason jar, you are, at least by proxy, a hipster (and an environmentally friendly one at that).

You are so chill that you are both unafraid of spilling your coffee while walking to class and are prepared to smile at the judging faces who will look upon your jar as a hippie fad. You’re most comfortable in a t-shirt and sandals with your mason jar in hand.

Now that you know what your coffee cup says about you, you can sip proudly.