Finals week for college students is the most dreadful and stressful time of the year. In honor of this horrific week, here are my finals week feelings told by the cast of How I Met Your Mother (one of the best shows to ever grace television btw). 

1. The Sunday night pep-talk going into finals week:

2. The morning of your first exam:

3. When the girl sitting next to you in the library is obnoxiously loud and keeps gossiping with her friends while you are cramming and trying to study:

4. When you find out your professor made the final exam cumulative:

5. When you remember you have two finals on the same day back to back:

6. When no one in your study group knows the answers for the five-page study guide:

7. When you are trying to study and you have to remind yourself to focus and not be tempted by your bed and Netflix:

8. When it is the middle of the week and you realize you have forgotten to use your FLEX dollars that are about to expire:

9. How you feel after pulling an all nighter:

10. When you remember you haven't showered in two days because you have been living at the library:

11. When your professor gives you a study guide, but nothing from the study guide is on the exam you spent seven hours studying for:

12. When you have your 345,875th mental breakdown of the week:

13. When you remember you have to stand in line at the bookstore and spend your money on scantrons:

14. Your feelings towards the people who stole your table in the library:

15. When all your friends are done with finals and you still have one more left:

16. When it's Thursday night and you need just one glass of wine:

17. When you finish your last exam of the week:

18. When you get your grades back and realize that you get to stay in college another year: