We all try our best during finals week to eat healthy. We start out the day ready to conquer the world. But that egg white omelet you had for breakfast doesn't mean anything after the cookies you had delivered to the library at 3 am. 

8:30 am: Breakfast

You make a quick stop at the dining hall before rushing to the library to get a table. You decide to start your day with a veggie packed omelet and a side of fruit to get you going.

11:08 am 

After a few hours of hitting the books, you need a break. You stop by the library cafe and see a tray of donuts. One can't hurt...

1:35 pm

Your friend texts you that she is on the way to the library and is stopping to pick up lunch. You ask her to get you a burger and fries, because after hours of studying you decide you deserve it. 

5:12 pm

It feels like you've been at the library forever (because you kind of have) and you can't sit there anymore. You offer to run to Starbucks and pick up drinks for everyone. You couldn't decide between a Vanilla Bean Frappuccino or a Double Chocolatey Chip, so you get both "to share." 

7:46 pm 

You literally can't study anymore. Your eyes hurt from your computer screen and you're crashing from the Starbucks sugar rush. Time to go. You go on Grubhub to order pizza and Chinese because you're indecisive and honestly you want both. 

12:28 am 

After a quick nap, you're back on track cramming for your final tomorrow. You decide you need a little pick me up to keep going so you dive into the finals care package your mom sent you, no shortage of chocolate here! 

2:34 am 

You realize Insomnia closes soon and you have to make moves fast. You text your roommate and ask if she wants to split cookies with you. Her answer: "um, hello obviously!" 

3:30 am

After stuffing your face with cookies, you start to remember everything you ate today. You feel guilty and as you fall asleep you promise yourself you'll do better tomorrow...Or maybe you'll just have a taco.