Studying F'real Mood

Sally Kishi

In the mood to study? The Frozen Cappuccino F'real is a perfect fit when you're in that mood to study.  The 2x caffeine will definitely come in handy when you need that extra caffeine to concentrate on studying, cramming for a test, or writing that 10 page paper due in 24 hours. It's a college student's secret treat and weapon for midterms and finals.

Healthy F'real Mood

Sally Kishi

Feeling in the mood to be healthy?  The Berry Yogurt F'real Smoothie is the perfect smoothie for those who want to have a little bit of sweetness in the morning or a healthy fruity drink.  For those who aren't feeling in that mood to eat a bowl of yogurt and berry, this smoothie is combines your daily dosage into a drinkable cool concoction.

You F'really Made It Through the Day Mood

coffee, beer, chocolate, tea
Sally Kishi

Feeling a hectic day, stressing out on tests and papers, or just had a f'really terrible day?  Reward yourself with a Cookies 'N Cream F'real Milkshake.  A hint of vanilla, chocolate cookies, and frosting is definitely what you need after all your hard work for making it through the day.  Pat yourself in the back and enjoy the treat.

F'really Fall Mood

Sally Kishi

It's that time of season when the air starts getting a little chillier and the leaves start changing into gradients of yellow, orange, and red.  Yes, you're feeling that F'really Fall Mood, and what better way to celebrate it than drinking Pumpkin Cheesecake F'real Milkshake!  The small chunks of cheesecake and that spicy taste of pumpkin will set you in the mood for another fall.

Surprise Me F'real Mood

In a mood for pleasant surprises? Surprise yourself with the Peanut Butter Cup Milkshake that has that perfect element of all surprises with vanilla, chocolate, and peanut all in one heavenly goodness.  Plus, if you're a sucker for Reese's Peanut Butter cups, then you'll definitely love this amazing surprise.

Re-F'resh Mood

tea, beer
Sally Kishi

Feeling sluggish or lazy, but you've got to go to class or work? Well, the Mint Chip F'real Milkshake is the perfect drink to refresh yourself.  Wake up with the smoothies cool minty-ness and the small dose of chocolate, because who doesn't like a little bit of chocolate once in a while? 

F'real Natural Mood

strawberry, juice, sweet, apple
Ashly Kim

Are sweet things not your thing?  Not really into chocolate or vanilla?  If you're feeling in that mood for natural sweetness, fear not, the Strawberry Banana F'real Smoothie has been waiting for you. This smoothie is the perfect drink with a semi-sweet mixture of strawberries and banana.  Even if you're a sweet tooth, once in a while, you'd want to go back to the nature and its naturally sweetness with strawberries and bananas. 

F'really Stressed Mood

Sally Kishi

Right now, there's so much things you've got to do in the next couple of days that you might be stressing out.  You might be feeling stressed out, but don't worry, take a deep breath and relax with Chocolate Malt F'real Milkshake.  Chocolate has always been a temporary tranquilizer for stress. So relieve some stress with a bit of chocolate.

It's a F'real Kind of Day Mood

Sally Kishi

Whether you've had a hard day with papers, tests, quizzes and work, or just a relaxed easy day where you can sleep-in all day without worry, the Vanilla F'real Milkshake is always the perfect go-to drink when you just want to treat yourself to a special dessert.  Besides, we always need something a little sweet in our lives, so don't deprive yourself of that sweetness and get a Vanilla F'real.