Since I was a kid, sushi has been a top pick for me. I've always been the adventurous type, trying anything that came my way from the age of 5. My love for this cuisine is all thanks to my dad. We both share a taste for exploration, constantly on the lookout for new places to try and relishing the diverse offerings of this incredible food. Recently, I had the extraordinary opportunity of experiencing omakase, a culinary adventure that took my appreciation for sushi to new heights. The chef's meticulous selection and presentation of each dish were a testament to the artistry and depth of flavors inherent in this cuisine. It was a dining experience that not only satisfied my adventurous palate but also deepened my appreciation for the food. The idea of expereincing omakase has been a long-standing dream of mine. I'd heard about it, seen enticing pictures, and couldn't help but envy those who got to enjoy it. The whole concept just seemed amazing.

Isabella Heilbronn

Sushi By M

A few weeks ago I got the pleasure to experience Sushi by M on 300 East 5th Street in New York City. Sushi by M offers a classic omakase experience that's all about simplicity and intimacy. Every person and each piece of sushi receives the time and attention they deserve. I noticed that each unique flavor profile showcases the careful preparation of all ingredients, making the dining experience truly special.

17-Piece Omakase Course 

Isabella Heilbronn

My dad and I both had the 17 piece omakase. Out of all of them my favorites included the A5 Miyazaki wagyu beef & Sea Urchin, BBQ Eel, and the Toro topped with truffle. It was so hard to pick favorites considering every piece was literally divine. The amount of flavor profiles were incredible, I do not think I have ever experienced such artistry within this kind of food. I was never a huge fan of Uni until this night. It was buttery and delicate. It melted right in my mouth. Accompanied with the wagyu it was actually insane-- I haven't been able to stop thinking about it. The BBQ Eel was what the 17 pieces ended on. It was such a treat at the end. The eel was sweet and soft. Who knew such a simple piece could hold such a punch. The flavors were incredible. The toro topped with truffle was probably one of my favorites (considering I ended up ordering more of this after the 17 pieces). Toro is the belly cut of tuna and it is a true delicacy! It has tons of flavor due to its marbling. The truffle’s added flare truly elevated the piece.

After relishing the initial 17 pieces, my dad and I craved more, prompting us to order 2 handrolls and 2 surprise pieces from the chef. The toro and snow crab hand rolls were a hit.

Isabella Heilbronn

An experience to remember

Our anticipation grew as the chef delighted us with additional uni creations. The first one featured uni paired with a delicate egg yolk, resting on a bed of rice and wrapped in nori—pure bliss. We couldn't get enough.

To conclude this culinary journey, the chef presented what he described as a "palate cleanser": an oyster adorned with roe and uni. Despite its simplicity, the dish revealed intricate flavors, with the roe bursting in a delightful explosion of taste upon consumption—a truly unforgettable experience.

The dining experience went beyond just the delicious food; the staff added a special touch to our visit. The owner himself had a friendly conversation with us, and each person responsible for preparing our dishes went out of their way to ensure our time there would be something we'd always remember.

Isabella Heilbronn