Though the 805 may be small, you do not have to travel far to appease your international cravings. The vibrant San Luis Obispo food culture makes it possible to experience global cuisine without leaving SLO. 

Luckily,  a handful of these restaurants are exactly what you need to appeal to the adventurous college student within you.  

So, if you don't have the opportunity to study or be abroad, here is the ultimate guide to experience the delectable dishes of the world within your own college town.   

1. Spain: Luna Red 

Located in the heart of Downtown, Luna Red offers guests a unique experience with an equally unique atmosphere of Spanish fusion food and decor. 

Besides the off the charts dining, Luna Red has deals that could win over any college student's wallet. With Happy Hour from 3-6 every day to 10 tacos for $30. Perhaps you and 5 friends could split the tacos and price in fifths? Or if you are anything like me and have an appetite of a 12-year-old-boy you may opt for the option of 5 tacos per friend. 

2. Vietnam: Lotus

From noodles, to spring rolls, to bahn-mi sandwiches, Lotus has all your vietnamese favorites. This quaint restaurant instantly makes you feel cozy with its homey and intimate vibe. 

Lotus is also unique because it is one of the only places in San Luis Obispo that you can get pho. 

So, if you are in search of a welcoming environment with food that sticks true to its roots, Lotus is definitely the place Pho-you. 

3. Middle Eastern: Jaffa Cafe 

If you are a falafel and hummus guru then Jaffa Cafe is your gyro! 

Jaffa Cafe offers just about every mediterranean staple. This restaurant understands how overwhelming it can be to a person to have to choose just one Middle Eastern item for lunch or dinner, therefore customers have the opportunity to build a platter and get a little bit of everything. AKA: falafel, hummus, kebabs, on re(pita). 

4. Italy: Flour House

New kid on the block alert! Recently opening in 2016, Flour House is a modern Italian eatery with traditional pizza and pasta.

Besides the pizza being cooked to perfection in a wood-fire pizza oven (and let's be real, there is no pizza quite like a gooey wood-fired pizza), scissors are placed on the table for cutting the pizza in honor of the authentic Neapolitan way of eating. 

This meal will have you shamelessly unbuttoning your jeans, lightly bringing your fingers to your lips and kissing them just like a true Italian does after a good meal. 

5. Thailand: Thai Palace

With its authentic Thai food and trendy atmosphere, Thai Palace will make you feel (and eat) like a king. From bubbling hot and sour soup delivered to your table in a steel pot, to veggie stir-fry with your choice of meats or tofu (I gotchu vegetarians) served in a pineapple, this food looks equally as killer as it tastes. 

Can I get an, "Oh My Thai!"

Whether it is your zest for ethnic food or your nostalgia from abroad, your lovely, little college town allows you to travel the world and experience global cuisine without leaving SLO.