I’m done with traditional utensils, boring pizza cutters, and struggling through cutting my bagels without cutting myself. It’s time to ditch the traditional carb cutters like knives with bland black handles and pizza cutters that don’t actually do their job for better tools. So, here is a list that will revolutionize the way you cut your food.

1. Pizza Scissors

cutting carbs

Photo courtesy of createandbarrel.com

These scissors ensure a perfect pice of pizza every single slice. The little plate makes transporting and sizing your pizza as easy as one, two, cheese.

2. Fixie Pizza Cutter

cutting carbs

Photo courtesy of uncommongoods.com

This bicycle pizza cutter is basically a workout in and of itself. If you don’t count riding a tiny pizza-cutting bike across your dinner as a workout, I don’t know what cardio is anymore.

3. Pizza Racer

cutting carbs

Photo courtesy of kikkerland.com

The Kikkerland speedy cutter is a double bladed little racer who speeds through cutting up your food. I’m not sure how practical it is, but considering it’s being watched by four people on eBay right now, it must be super fabulous and I’d buy it ASAP.

4. UrbanTrend Bagel Cutter

cutting carbs

Photo courtesy of bedbathandbeyond.com

I’d say this might be the most practical item on this list. Cutting bagels with regular knives is almost as difficult as understanding an entire semester of macro in one night. Speaking from experience, doing either one is nearly impossible so, investing in this gadget will save so much time; sadly, there’s not something like this that can recover your macro grade.

5. DoughXpress DXSM-270C French Bread / Bun and Bagel Slicer – Compact Footprint

cutting carbs

Photo courtesy of webrestaurant.com

Just like its name, this bread, bagel, any dough thing that needs slicing machine is no joke. At a price of $1,859, buying this sucker is not done on a whim. It’s probably only practical for places like Black Seed Bagel; nevertheless, it’s not very practical unless you plan on eating a thousand bagels a day. I think it might be best to pass on purchasing this regardless of how desperately you want to cut dough at high speeds.

Bonus: OXO ® 3 In 1 Avocado Tool

cutting carbs

Photo courtesy of crateandbarrel.com

Even though avocado is a fat and not a carb, you can put it on anything in this list, so I thought it was essential to add – hence the bonus. This three-in-one tool is my favorite utensil ever invented. Once you have it you can dank avocado toast and other avocado-related things basically in your sleep.

Obviously carbs are one of the greatest inventions on the planet, besides avocado, pho and maybe Grey’s Anatomy. It’s finally time you know how to properly cut your carbs in the fastest, cutest, and most efficient way possible.