This weekend is one of the hottest food celebrations on campus: TruckFest. On Saturday from 1-5 p.m., Prospect Street will be lined with 15 food trucks serving their specialty dishes, so expect to see crowds of eager faces ready to indulge in delicious street eats.

Truckfest is an annual event hosted by the Community Service Inter-Club Council and the Pace Center. This year, proceeds from Truckfest will go towards Meal on Wheels of Mercer County and Mercer Street Friends. It's hard not to love eating good food and contributing towards a good cause.

The day of the event, you can purchase tickets to be exchanged for foods from any trucks you choose. Students get an added bonus: tickets have been on sale in the Campus Center all week.

From Nassau Street classics to unique multi-ethnic fusion foods, it can be hard to decide which trucks to hit up. Here’s a quick run-down of the trucks to be featured:


1. Dump-N-Roll

Featuring dishes rich with spices, this truck specializes in dumplings, spring rolls, and egg rolls. This Asian fusion truck will have their tempura turkey bacon cheeseburger wonton, veggie dumplings, and smoked truffle fries.

2. Fork in the Road

The inspiration for the truck’s name came about as a joke, when the founder came across a fork in the road with his wife, but then the name stuck. The truck is known for its delicious grilled cheeses and signature gourmet sandwiches. Expect to see their buffalo chicken, pulled pork, and bacon & tomato grilled cheeses this weekend.

3. The Feed Truck

Craving breakfast sandwiches? The Feed Truck will be serving some of their signature sandwiches this Saturday, such as the standard (with bacon, egg, cheese and raspberry habanero), and the ranchero (with egg, cheese, and grilled peppers with Sriracha Mayo), complete with their specialty fries.

4. Mobile Mardi Gras Food Truck

Bringing the flavors of Louisiana to the East coast, this truck offers a variety of seafood options with a Southern kick. Look out for a distinct taste of the south in their gulf shrimp, gumbo, and smoked beef brisket.

5. Suzie's Rolling Wrappers

Conveniently wrapped, this truck’s dishes combine unexpected flavors in recipes like their Perogie wrap and dessert wraps. On Saturday they will be serving the beef cheesesteak, buffalo chicken, and mac & cheese wrappers.

6. Mama Dude’s

Committed to farm-to-table delectable seasonal dishes, Mama Dude’s offers asian-style steamed buns and signature sides. They will be serving a smoked chicken bun, Rosemary Polenta Fries, and roasted mushroom risotto.

7. Cheech A’ Cini

This truck offers a twist on Italian street food classics. All of their recipes contain sustainable ingredients, such as their pastacinis like the original (with ricotta, mozzarella, and grana), the Carboncini (with Pancetta, peas, and eggs), and the Tuscancini (with tomatoes, broccoli rabe, and roasted garlic).

8. BrazBQ

Originating from Philadelphia, BrazBQ is a Brazilian style food truck that serves Brazilian classics fused with American cuisine, such as the Brazilian Cheese Steak, and the Hamburgao. Be on the lookout for their signature Brazilian croquettes.


9. The Flyin’ Crepes (Jammin Crepes)

The Nassau Street brunch destination will come to campus to serve up both sweet and savory crepes. Their menu includes a ham & cheese wrap, bacon & jam bites, and banana nut crepe rolls.

10. Nina’s Waffles

In stores, Nina’s is known for their hand-crafted ice creams in combination with their tasty waffles. Known for experimenting with flavors, their food truck also offers these unique pairings of ice cream and waffles. You can choose between vanilla, chocolate, and salted caramel ice creams with either chocolate ganache or caramel as toppings.

11. Crespella’s

A popular crepe truck in New Jersey, Crespella’s is top rated for its service and quality ingredients. Enjoy either banana & Nutella, s’mores, or strawberry and mascarpone cheese crepes hand-made before your eyes.

12. Maddalenas Cheesecake Co

Dedicated to creating snackable versions of classic desserts, Maddalena’s will be offering a variety of cheesecake items, such as: chocolate-covered cheesecake on a stick, the choockie (a cheesecake ice cream sandwich), and cheesecake cannoli on a stick.

13. Kona Ice

What better way to celebrate the warm weather than shaved ice? Kona ice will be offering this classic summer staple with their flavorwave feature, where you can choose between 10 different syrup options for your ice. This truck is distinctly identifiable from its fun tropical music and colorfully decorated exterior.


14. Try Vegan

A healthy diet doesn’t need to come with restriction. Try Vegan shows that veganism isn’t just about meat alternatives and tofu, but also organic vegetables, nuts, grains, and fruits. On Saturday they will be serving their fresh smoothies, like “The Treat” (chocolate and peanut butter), strawberry banana, and the “Tropikale” featuring pineapple, banana, and kale.

15. Omninon

Offering tasty vegan options, all of Omninon’s foods are made with fresh, organic plants. Their truck will be serving their famous “omnisliders” with beets, mushrooms, and beans, as well as their falafel sliders and organic sesame kale salad.  

So, whether you're looking for lunch or dessert, Truckfest is the place to be. Head out to Prospect Street this Saturday from 1-5 p.m. to try out all these great eats!

So, whether you're looking for lunch, dessert, or a new vegan option, TruckFest is the place to be. Head out to Prospect Street this Saturday from 1-5 p.m. to try all these great eats!