As far as college towns go Princeton, New Jersey, does not offer the typical plethora of cheap late-night dining and delivery. 

But if you keep your eyes peeled you can discover some of the hidden wonders tucked along the five blocks we call home. Freshman, visitors, and food lovers — read on for your quick guide to dining in Princeton.

But if you keep your eyes peeled you can discover hidden wonders tucked along the five blocks we Princeton Tigers call home. Dear freshman and visitors food lovers, read on for your quick guide to dining in Princeton.

Freshman Families Weekend

Splurge on your parents' dime.

Mistral: Probably the most fancy-pants place in Princeton as proven by its triple $$$ status on Yelp

Witherspoon Grill: A dimly lit fancy steak house famous for its ribs.

Blue Point Grill: They have every type of seafood you can imagine. 

Agricola: A farm-fresh, organic and trendy but elegant spot.

Mediterra: Classic, fancy dining with a well-rounded menu.

La Mezzaluna: Sophisticated Italian spot with an elegant aesthetic. 


PJ's Pancake House:  This place is a Princeton institution, one that serves classic, hearty breakfasts: omelets, fat pancake stacks, and milkshakes. #SpoonTip: This quintessentially Princeton spot is packed on weekends for brunch. Skip the line and take advantage of all-day breakfast by going during the week or at off hours (it's my personal favorite spot for dinner in pajamas).

Jammin' Crepes: A trendy, rustic and farm-fresh spot for sweet and savory crepes.

Peacock Inn: A fancier Sunday brunch (another great place to hit with your parents), but probably the best brunch in Princeton.

Quick Lunch

Pick up between classes when the dining hall becomes unbearable.

Olives: Students' most dearly missed spot over summer break, this place has nutritious, beautifully prepared food in cases. All you have to do is point.

Porta Via: Quick but unique salads, sandwiches, and pizzas all easy to take to go. And they deliver!

Panera: You know what you're gonna get—salads and sandwiches—and you can also order online for a super quick pick up.

Qdoba: Mexican delicacies made right before your eyes.

Mamoun's Falafel: A quick, authentic middle eastern bite with kebabs, pita, dips, and of course falafel.

30 Burgers: Quick greasy and hefty burgers (you have 30 to choose from) and great milkshakes.

Tico's Juice Bar: It can be hard to find convenient food options that won't contribute to gaining the freshman 15. Tico's healthy juices and snacks should definitely be included in your lunch rotation.


Winberie's: A cozy restaurant and bar with a fairly large menu of comfort foods and perfect booths to snuggle into on rainy days.

Triumph Brewing Company: You can expect a fun and trendy dinner environment with a view of the brewing machines, delightful twists on bar food (their nachos are a must-try) and an impressive beer selection.

Infini-T Cafe: The best local spot for vegans and vegetarians, yummy food and tea selection with a cozy indie setup.

Teresa Caffe: Classy Italian spot with unique pasta dishes and freshly baked pizzas. #SpoonTip: Teresa doesn't take reservations and can get crowded so be conscious of when you go or be prepared to wait.

Good for Groups 

BYOB when your investment club is looking to get turnt.

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Thai Village: Their ratchet upstairs room and family style Thai menu will perfectly accompany your 2-liter bottles of Barefoot wine. 

Despaña: A classier act (great for birthdays) with small-plate tapas and shared paella skillets so you can try a little bit of everything.

Ice Cream

Thomas Sweet: The best-loved traditional Princeton ice cream institution, famous for their blended mix-ins and generous portions of hot fudge topping.

Halo Pub: A cozier ice cream spot with dark wood, booths, and seemingly endless flavors.

Bent Spoon: A trendy, talked about ice cream shop with unique flavors (think PB&J, sour cream, caramelized white chocolate) and famous hot chocolate.

Dolceria: Trendy new spot in town that boasts Italian gelato, sweet and savory crêpes, and yummy coffee drinks.

Nina's Waffles: Another Nassau newcomer, with homemade ice cream and Belgian waffles.

Late Night

Satisfy your drunchies.

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Hoagie Haven: An indulgent, heart-attack of a sandwich here should be on your 2 am Princeton bucket list.

Say Cheez: Nothing will light up your weary drunken eyes quite like the gooey strands of cheddar as you break apart a Say Cheez grilled cheese. 

Princeton U-Store: On campus and open until 4 am, don't underestimate this utopia of snacks (and full meals from Nassau restaurants).

Wawa: I admit, definitely not on Nassau, but the Wa is late-night heaven, offering hot meals (macaroni!) as well as an impressive Ben & Jerry's collection.


For the winter months when you're trapped in the library…Or your bed.

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Princeton Pi: This pizza delivery spot knows campus well.

Tiger Noodles: Perfectly greasy Chinese takeout with a huge menu of the usual options.

Efes Mediterranean Grill: A slightly healthier campus delivery option with authentic menu items (kabobs, hummus, etc).

Coffee Shops 

Your first order of business on campus should be finding your go-to coffee spot.

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Small World Coffee: A favorite with exceptional people-watching, coffee brewed locally, plenty of tables for study space but also a fun environment for coffee with friends or meetings.

Rojo's Roastery: They don't have wifi so it's not the best study spot, but it is a cute, snug cafe in a great location perfect for coffee dates and relaxing.

Cafe Vienna: A quiet, lesser known coffee spot (also great breakfast on weekends). You will not be disturbed here.

Starbucks: Great for quick to-go drinks but a cramped working space.


There's no supermarket in walking distance, but these niche spots are the next best thing.

D'Angelo's Italian Market: Offers dry groceries (pastas, sauces, produce, cheeses) as well as prepared Italian dishes.

Whole Earth Center: Ultra-healthy grocery products (think vegan, non-processed products). It's a little expensive and a slight trek down Nassau, you just have to know what to get

Nassau Street Seafood: The best spot for fresh produce (hello, avocados) and fresh seafood if you're looking to cook.

Hidden Delights 

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Mo C Mo C: A no-hassle sushi spot with cozy seating and fresh food.

Tandoori Bites: Authentic Indian cuisine with a classic menu of all your favorites. 

Ajihei: Fresh Japanese cuisine, also the priciest sushi on the block.

Sakura Express: Cheaper than Ajihei but quality, great for takeout too.