Yes, even America's favorite reality television family celebrates Thanksgiving. To be honest, it's not all that different from how most people celebrate the food-heavy holiday. There's turkey, stuffing, too much dessert, classic family board games, and a healthy amount of sibling bickering. Lucky for you, I've got the scoop on what the Kardashian family's Thanksgiving looked like.

The Kardashian family celebrated in two cities: Khloe hosted at her boyfriend's house in Cleveland, while Kylie hosted the rest of the famous clan at her house in Calabasas. While the celebrations were pretty similar to the average family's Thanksgiving, it was nothing short of over-the-top spectacular in its decor, food and guests.

Thanksgiving at Kylie’s

With a rumored pregnancy and the recent release of her holiday lip kit, the makeup mogul found time to host a Thanksgiving feast at her house. This doesn't come as a surprise, because we all know how much Kylie enjoys cooking. Guests included Kris, Kim, Rob and Kourtney. Kylie's dessert selection included brownies, doughnuts and various turkey-themed treats. Talk about a Snapchat-worthy spread. 

Similar to the food, the decorations were nothing short of perfection. Kylie decorated her massive table with gold glass chalices and candles. The cream- and red-colored flowers and tableware complimented her impressive spread of food. 

Let's not forget about Travis Scott, the lip kit queen's boyfriend. So, where was he in the midst of the Thanksgiving chaos? The rapper missed out on the celebration because he was in Houston participating in the Houston City Wide Club of Clubs Turkey Drive to help out the victims of Hurricane Harvey. 

Now, it wouldn't be a Kardashian event if the family wasn't dressed to the nines. Kim rocked her signature look: a nude crop top with a matching high-waisted, body-hugging skirt. Kris, with a slightly more traditional holiday outfit, wore a white button-up shirt, a light gray sweater and black thigh high boots. The Kardashian family's Thanksgiving ended with a classic game of Taboo. See? They're just like everyone else. 

Thanksgiving at Khloé’s

While apart from her family, Khloe created an equally impressive Thanksgiving spread at boyfriend Tristan Thompson's home in Cleveland. She decorated the table with white- and cream-colored flowers, which paired perfectly with the white chairs and golden tablecloths. 

Because she was alone in preparing for the holiday, Khloe took on the cooking and made 13 dishes. She even started baking two days in advance. Talk about dedication. A little insight to her cooking style: Khloe puts each ingredient in separately-labeled containers. She also set the table two days prior to the actual holiday. While preparing for the occasion, Khloe sported a festive set of red, white and green pajamas. At least I'm not the only one who enjoys cooking in PJ's. 

Whether you're an American icon or an average foodie, Thanksgiving is celebrated in a relatively similar manner. Your Thanksgiving probably looked a lot like the Kardashian family's (maybe less flower arrangements and celebrity guests). Regardless, we all end up in some pretty intense food comas and with some major leftovers to last us through the week—or is that just me?