I'm sure if you have social media, you've seen that Kylie Jenner is pregnant with Travis Scott's baby (my friends will not stop talking about it). If, like me, all you think about is what she'll be eating during this time, you're in luck! Here's what Kylie is probably craving during this pregnancy. 


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Kylie Jenner has expressed her love for sushi many times, and it'll sure be a bummer for her not to be able to eat it during her pregnancy. Sushi hits the spot any time of day, year, decade, and Kylie will sure be missing this treat. Nevertheless, I'm sure Kylie will be wanting that California roll sometime during the next 9 months. 


Kylie frequents burger places all around, particularly In-N-Out Burger, her one true love. Her snapchat is filled with her getting In-N-Out for many, many reasons. The greasy food cravings will hit soon, and you just know Kylie will want some red meat. 


Pomegranates are the new trend, and Kylie is way ahead of this one. Healthy, aesthetically pleasing, and versatile, pomegranates are the new avocado (maybe?) Kylie will need some sweet fruit in these coming weeks, and pomegranate will for sure be on that list. 

Mexican Food

Mexican Food

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Kylie Jenner has said on multiple occasions that she loves Mexican food, which isn't that hard to guess considering most people love Mexican food. When the cravings come, this cuisine will probably be in the mix.

Buffalo Wings

Everybody loves buffalo wings, and Kylie Jenner is no exception to that rule. Snacking on this perfectly crispy and spicy piece of meat will be tugging at Kylie's stomach all throughout this pregnancy. There is nothing better than some fried chicken when I have cravings (although I can't claim any knowledge about pregnancy cravings specifically). 


Everyone loves fried chicken, but Kylie loves it to the point where she isn't flying on her private jet without it. While she is willing to share now, she'll probably be hogging all that golden-brown goodness to herself from now on. 

Lucky Charms (marshmallows)

Lucky Charms are a staple in almost everybody's childhood, and Kylie Jenner is no different (even though she isn't a child anymore). And, like most, the marshmallows are her favorite part, and with a baby on the way, Kylie will be craving all the sweet she can get.

Hot Cheetos

Cheetos - Flamin' Hot Crunch

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Spicy food seems to be a trend on this post, and while it may cause some discomfort (or induce labor) it seems to be on Kylie's list. Plus, you can pair Hot Cheetos with anything and it will taste good, so thats a bonus when the weird food combo cravings kick in. 


Kylie is only 20 to begin with, so hopefully alcohol is not a huge part of her lifestyle (although lets be real). But Kylie will probably be craving a sweet mocktail in the upcoming months, because alcohol is a no-no in pregnancy, no matter what age you are. 

Keeping up with Kylie can be some serious work, so I'm here trying to take some of the burden off you. Plus, most of these foods are accessible to the masses, so go out and eat like Kylie (especially if you've got a bun in the oven).