So you're interested in what you need to know about doughnuts? Well first – is it 'Donut or Doughnut'? The more 'traditional' spelling is doughnut, but Merriam-Webster says it's okay to spell it either way. Believe me, Spoon has investigated this before. The rise of 'posh' donuts in the past couple of years has inspired many a donut shop to step up their game – so this is what you need to know to stay informed.

Is There a National Donut Day?

Actually, there a few donut-related holidays. In America, National Doughnut Day is June 1, Buy a Doughnut Day is October 30, and National Cream-Filled Donut Day is September 14th. You can usually score free donuts in early June – so donut forget.

What's the Deal with Cops and Donuts?

Cops love donuts – but why? It's believed that this association dates back to WW1 and WW2. Paul Mullins, author of Glazed America: A History of the Doughnut, noted that since police officers aren’t allowed to accept free food while on duty, the cheap, convenient pastries are a perfect snack hours into a long shift.

When Did Donuts Come to The U.S.?

In the 1800s, the Dutch brought this delightful treat to America. They were originally called 'olykoeks', or oily cakes. Don't think this name sounds particularly appetizing? The French called them "pets-de-nonne", or literally: nun's farts. Yum. 

How Crazy Are Americans About Their Donuts? 

Well, the US donut industry is worth 3.6 billion dollars and Americans eat roughly 10 billion donuts a year. Also, the three most popular bakeries in the USA are donut shops, according to Travel & Leisure magazine. In short, us Americans are obsessed.

What's The Most Popular Donut Flavor in America?

Glazed donuts are rumored to be the most popular flavor in the U.S. according to data collected by multiple sources (let's be real – aren't these the 'vanilla ice cream' of donuts?). 

Which City Is The Most Donut-Addicted?

Boston, Massachusetts is obsessed with donuts. For every 2,480 Bostonians, there is one donut shop. Seriously, visit Boston, and try one of its best donuts. Or if you're a local, consider gifting a dozen of these artisanal donuts this V-Day instead of roses. (Seriously, Colorado Springs? Step up your game).

What's a Donut Hole?

If you're from the Northeast, you may know of this bite-sized treat as a 'munchkin'. Dunkin' Donuts opened in 1955, and in 1972, introduced their munchkin donut holes. Though they were traditionally made from the leftover dough from the middle of donuts, many donut shops today find them so popular they make them by individually dropping balls of dough into the hot oil. Learn how to make your own fried tequila donut holes or apple cider donut bites.

Thanks a hole bunch for reading! That's what you knead to know about doughnuts. Don't you agree that donuts are the world's greatest food? Now go and treat yourself to a donut today or learn how to make your own