Spoon University-Delhi organized the second edition of its event Spoon Scouts: A Foodie Treasure Hunt on 31st August, 2016 at Hudson Lane. Spoon Scouts 2.0 was divided into two stages: the online and offline round. All the registered teams (teams of two or three members) had to qualify after the online round to be eligible for the offline one, which was to be played at Hudson Lane.

The answer for the online clue was The Vintage Avenue. Out of all the teams who answered correctly, the fastest 60 teams were qualified for the offline round. 15 cafes of Hudson Lane were included in the treasure hunt, which was scheduled for 31st August.

beer, wine
Mehak Dhawan

The hunt was simple: participants got the first clue at the Wood Box Cafe, solved it, headed towards the cafe in the clue, played a game at each level, and got the next clue. Here's a list of some of the clues that were included in the treasure hunt to make the participants use their brain cells. Let's see how many are you able to guess.

1. Box Office Cafe

Mehak Dhawan

"You don't need a ticket to buy your way in, enter with your high held chin. Sit in the tent when it's sunlit, come out to the roof when it's starlit. The food is a constant applaud, my whole experience is 'Oh My God'."

Well, the answer is Box Office cafe. This cafe completely justifies its name with the Bollywood ambiance and menu, which includes Cheenikum Salads, Unda Apna Apna and Sunny Leone ki Hot Kebabs.

2. Abongchiiz

Bhavya Bansal

"I moved the yellow, she moved the red. I rode the horse and he rode the elephant. Moving together hand in hand, Let see who gets first to the land. As we keep dodging the eye, let the queen decide her spy. Guess who am I." 

This isn't that tough. The cafe in this clue was Abongchiiz. Tandoori Momos and Veg Penne Arrabbiata are worth ordering in this cafe. Plus, points to them for board games.

3. YOLO 21

Vishesh Monga

"Fight with friends, life just doesn't seem to have the right trend. CBCS sucks as do marks, and Diet, LOL what is that...

Some days when I sit and think what life will bring amidst debates of existentialist. I remember that life is short, but all that matters is that I get to eat.

This cafe's sizzlers, which are the treat I need. Even if you have been here once, you would have already been pulled in a trance. Their insalata, their pie, their sizzlers touch the sky.

Live on my soul, for the colour of it is vibgyor."

YOLO 21 is the cafe where you'll land after reading this clue. Grilled Chicken Peri Peri, Banoffee Pie, and Cottage Cheese Delight Pizza are some of the recommended dishes here.

4. Spezia Bistro

cake, chocolate, cream, pastry, tiramisu, pie, sweet, custard, brownie, cookie
Mehak Dhawan

"The wings will take you to a distant place where when the ship is about to sail. People dine in for a cheesy creamy trail, think authentic Italian, think.. Special Pizza Batallion!"

Spezia Bistro is an ideal place for any pirate and pasta addict. Pink Panther Pasta is something you definitely can't miss.

"Eating a pizza slice with a spoon in 15 seconds." You should have seen the participants doing this with complete excitement at Spezia during the hunt.

5. Bakar—The Cafe

vegetable, parsley, meat
Bhavya Bansal

"The prices are unbelievably low, and the service is never slow. The chatpata taste of the street is now available in a cafe's treat.

Going here reminds me of their greater cause, Oh! maybe now it's just time to pause. Think of all the people that are nice. The maggi is of so many types that you'll forget your own spice."

Bakar is a new cafe in Hudson Lane that serves a variety of maggi, ranging from Maggi Garlic Mayo and Maggi Mexican Salsa to Maggi Butter Chicken and Maggi Alfredo.

6. Void Cafe

beer, coffee, tea, pizza
Mehak Dhawan

Ever looked at nachos and felt them empty without cheese? Looked at garlic bread and felt the need for more grease?

Ever looked at spring rolls and saw the hole ? Head over to the cafe that justifies the above mentioned role.

Void is one cafe in Hudson Lane that'll never hesitate in shredding that extra-cheese over your nachos and garlic bread. So if you're a cheese-lover (well, who isn't?), definitely head to this cafe next time with your friends.

7. Pirates of Campus

Mehak Dhawan

"Fix your hats and sit tight, there's an ocean of food with no end in sight. The world seems larger with one eye, as the food makes my vision blurr. My taste buds go urr urr urr.

It's time to raid because taste is all that's left to trade. Can I find you on the map, Bbefore I finish my butter chicken wrap."

This was the easiest one out of all the clues. Pirates of Campus was the answer. If you are a pirate fan, then visiting this cafe should be on your list. Choose from a variety of wraps and pizza here.

8. For God's Cake

sweet, pastry
Mehak Dhawan

"You're so close, all the mysteries have been solved, and you stand at the periphery of the exit.

This place known for desserts. 

Leaves on the walls, It stands in Hudson in his name.

Free your mind of the worldly cage, And guess the name of this place."

The answer is For God's Cake Bakery, a perfect combination of Bakery and Cafe. The ambiance and food is as heavenly as its name. Creme Brulee, Rainbow Cakes, Homemade Breads, Doughnuts, Cake Jarsthey have everything to satiate any sweet tooth.

9. Jack 'n' Chill

cake, beer
Vishesh Monga

"Go down the memory lane, think deep do not abstain. As a child you preached it, one way or the other you even tried to reach it.

Humpty Dumpty or any other fall, is just another way to make you stall. Do not get stuck in the rhyme, hurry, you're running out of time."

Jack 'n' Chill is a food joint serving American and Italian cuisine. Crispy Chicken with Mayo, Oreo Mousse Cake, and Monk's Delight are a must-try here.

10. The Lab Cafe

tea, juice, cocktail
Bhavya Bansal

"From satanic verses to sadistic approaches, humans are nothing in this world but cockroaches. This will all sound very rare, But cutting might be someone's flair.

A clone could be made, so never leave even a single strand of hair. Here, is where it all took place, this is the psycho's lair."

Just like the name, everything in The Lab Cafe is similar to a science lab. From the graffiti on the wall to serving water in a beaker, you'll definitely feel like a scientist sitting and enjoying the Butter Chicken Pasta here.  

11. Mood Swingers Cafe

water, herb
Mehak Dhawan

"Sitting in the park going to and fro, I wonder what it's like to find the raasta. Since, I decided I'll have pasta, but, as I continued my thought process, I switched to garlic bread. Phir mann kiya khaloon sab. Pooch ne toh do, I'll tell you tab."

This wasn't that tough! Anyway, if you couldn't guess it, the answer is The Mood Swingers Cafe. Visiting this cafe and not trying the mocktails will be considered as "sin." Spoon asked the participants to "drink a mocktail with spoon" (now, that's interesting!).

12. Coalition Cafe

beer, tea, pizza
Simran Bajaj

"Rock music and comic acts, Are just one of their many hacks.

A new kid in town that wont make you frown, beautiful alliances that will never end. Don't go by my name my dear friends."

Coalition is a new cafe in Hudson where you'll get a great hookah everytime you visit them.

13. Oakland Cafe

cake, tea, beer
Vishesh Monga

"A place in Hudson full of crunch, the people over here just can't stop that green munch. The name resonates those hundreds of years endured, but the freshness in each bite has that uncontrollable craving cured.

We need you to make a link now, between a land of food. And tree seedling you might sow."

The only vegetarian cafe in Hudson, Oakland is best known for its mouth-watering North Indian food and Chilly Paneer Quesadillas.

14. Raw Creams

ice, cream, sundae, chocolate, waffle
Namrata Satija

"The moment you set foot here, the rattling is all you here. Everything in this place, is made available in the little space.

Fruits, chocolates, and nuts are all ice, your pocket is heavy cause it's an affordable price. Your perfect destination for before, during, and after the meals because coming here for all this is your best deal."

If you've got an extra liking for ice-creams and waffles, then Raw Creams is an ideal place for you. The participants were welcomed here with a tasting and guessing the ice cream game. Irish and Tiramisu are the signatures here.

tea, coffee
Mehak Dhawan

It was exciting for the Spoon members to witness the enthusiasm of the participants, even after the heavy downpour at the beginning of the day. Four teams made it to the final round: Slurp and Scoop, Foodie Pirates, Burp and Tell, and Lebensmittel. The winners of Spoon Scouts 2.0 were Amol and Joshita of the Slurp and Scoop team.  

beer, pizza, tea, coffee
Mehak Dhawan

All the teams who qualified from the online round got goodies, including brownies, muffins, CocoFly drinks and coupons for different cafes. So, it was a win-win for all at Spoon Scouts 2.0!

If you missed being a Spoon Scout this year, wait for 2017. Until then, you can start your preparation by visiting all these amazing cafes at Hudson Lane.