As I hit snooze once again on my alarm clock for the fourth time, I can't help to stop to reminisce on the hot Syracuse weather. I will finally be able to wear my jeans and sweaters, while the trees change colors. Fall comes with Netflix throwback movies, dates by the fireplace and tasking basic Instagram pictures apple picking.

With Fall comes Fall food, as well. For every type of student, there's a Fall food. Here's which college student can best describe your favorite Fall meals.

I Need To Stop At Starbucks And Instagram Before Class : Pumpkin Spice Latte

The one student that can be best seen clinging onto their coffee, and always in the mood to chat about their late night adventures is the typical Pumpkin Spice Latte. Already Snapchatting and Instagram storying their drink, this student is committed to celebrating their obsession with the world's most basic drink. Starbucks additionally sells pound cake and pumpkin bread that can best complement their latte. You can even put your own spin on it, and make your own version of Starbuck's pumpkin loaf.

Overachiever/Teacher's Pet: Grandma's Homemade Apple Pie

apple pie, sauce, pastry
Jocelyn Hsu

Have you ever met someone who forces the teacher to like them by basically handing them an apple? Yep, that can be described as the "Homemade Apple Pie". With its many variations including an apple pie skillet or even Salted Caramel Apple Pie, you can create any apple pie masterpiece while watching the leaves fall down. Next time your starting your class, instead of giving your teacher an apple try an apple pie!

I Always Look Good For My Classes Student: Cinnamon Donuts

doughnut, sweet, pastry, cake, chocolate, bread, candy, cinnamon
Maria Glander

There is always that one type of student who always looks good. No matter how much you envy them, and sometimes want to hate them, you can't stop staring. Yep, that is cinnamon donuts. No matter how much you try to avoid it, you can't stop looking (and also eating?!). Check out Food Network's very own step-by-step tutorial on how to make your own spin on cinnamon donuts. Also, if you're feeling nostalgic of the summertime, you can make cinnamon donuts: camp fire edition.

Always Late To Class: Crispy Baked Potatoes

As you wake up and look at your alarm clock, you realize you're already late to your lecture that started thirty minutes ago. And to top it off, you forgot to submit last night's homework assignment. You're burnt and crisped to the core, just like crispy baked potatoes. Crispy baked potatoes can be served as many versions such as potato fries and can be seasoned with various types of seasoning. You can even top it off with other types of herbs. Next time your mom asks you to prepare some type of Thanksgiving meal when you come home for the holidays, you can bring simple-to-make crisped baked potato frites.

We Need To Work In a Group Together: Sprinkled Pumpkin Seeds

cereal, nut, pumpkin, pumpkin seeds
Lauren Kaplan

Do you ever find yourself being attached to someone, and realize you have to be in a group with them whenever and work on any assigned partner project? These types of individuals are best classified as pumpkin seeds. They are the secret treasures you think you found in your lecture hall that can help you with any assignment. Pumpkin Seeds can be mixed with maple, honey and other ingredients like cocoa powder. If you want to spice it up another notch, you can add curry flavoring

I'll Help You With Any Assignment: Harvest Baked Chili

rice, meat, vegetable, chili, corn, pepper, cereal
Miranda Dambrot

Something you can't help but miss is Mom's homemade chili. The one student that can be described as a "student's" helper or nanny is chili. Fall can't be complete without chili as your'e carving out your pumpkins. You can try classic beef chili served with other veggies like corn bean and roasted red and yellow peppers. But, if your'e really into the fall spirit, you can try the Autumn Pumpkin Chili Recipe.

The Up and Perky Student: Candy Corn

The one student that comes into your 8:00 AM recitation with  coffee in hand and her notebook in the other is the sweet candy corn. He or she is the one that always has energy and can never disappoint the professor even if half the class is still hungover. Candy corn can be served as jello shots, donuts, and even fondue to complement other appetizers. Candy corn can also be mixed in with peanut butter. Even though we can't be always up and perky for class, maybe we can try popping in some candy corn?

Falls Asleep In Class: Warm Apple Cider

juice, apple, cider, sweet, tea
Anna Arteaga

And, so as the class is beginning, we can't help but stop and stare at the student who is already beginning to play their morning tunes (otherwise known as their snoring). The student who sleeps throughout the whole lecture can be noted as "warm apple cider" as they are as relaxed as a warm cup of it makes you. Apple cider, can be infused with apple crumbles, coffee cake, and even mimosas. Apple cider can even be mixed with caramel stuffed cookies or glazed with seared chicken. If you're feeling extra risqué in the holiday spirit try the Apple Cider Mules.

Dazed & Confused: Crumbly Coffee Cake

cake, carrot, carrot cake, cream cheese, cream, cheese, chocolate
Julia Hedelman

"So does everyone understand this concept if it appears on the exam." As everyone nods their heads, there is always the one dazed person who keeps scribbling down random notes. The person obviously doesn't look prepared for the exam in the slightest, and is on the verge to crumble down like a coffee cake. For fall celebrations, coffee cake is by far one of the best deserts or breakfast items. There are many coffee cake recipes you can explore like caramel apple coffee cake and if you're feeling up to it, you can make coffee cake from scratch and add some cinnamon donuts to spice it up.

Leaves Class Before It's Done: Brussel Sprouts

sauce, sprouts, vegetable
Dyan Khor

Saving the best for last is the student who always has to "leave class early," despite there only being fifteen minutes left in class. Brussel sprouts, one of my favorite veggies, can be best sautéed and thrown in with chili and oregano. Other recipes include Brussel sprouts thrown in with a pomegranate and apple salad. Brussel sprouts can even be fried and tossed in with maple syrup for a breakfast meal. 

Sooo college students which fall meal do you think best describes you? Are you candy corn or find yourself trudging behind as the crumbling coffee cake? I personally find myself torn between the student who is always prepared for class, but sometimes can be classified as Brussel sprouts (sorry, Mom!). So say your last goodbyes to summer and hello to plaid sweaters, cinnamon donuts, and even warm apple cider (or a Apple Cider Pomegranate Margarita) if you really want to impress.