For every K-Pop fan out there, it's impossible not to love Big Bang. Every member is practically royalty in the world of K-Pop, and breakfast is prime in the world of food. So, why not think about both at once?

T.O.P: Four Cheese Baked Egg Soufflé Garnished with Sesame Seeds

Named as one of the top art collectors in all of Asia, T.O.P is the classiest of the five Big Bang members. Everything about him screams fancy, and so does a delicate, sculptured egg soufflé. If you want to eat the essence of T.O.P, the closest we can get at an affordable price is a soufflé from Panera.

Daesung: Chocolate Raspberry Almond Butter Protein Shake

It's no secret that Daesung has become incredibly muscular. Since being fit is important, this protein shake is a must. Whenever he talks, his sweetness and enthusiasm radiates, just like the chocolate and tart cherries in this shake. Having such a filling, meaty physique, a savory ingredient like almond butter will do Daesung justice through every sip of this shake.

sweet, milk, cream, juice, milkshake, ice, berry, smoothie, yogurt, cocktail, strawberry
Hana Ezaldein

Seungri: Ramen

Since he owns ramen shops in both Japan and Korea (called Aori Ramen), ramen is probably a staple on Seungri's list of favorite foods. And why not have a hot, soothing noodle soup in the morning to wake you up?

Taeyang aka Youngbae: Salted Caramel Chocolate Bread Pudding

If you've ever seen Taeyang's interviews and appearances on talk shows, you know that he's the sweet, sensitive, and shy one in the group. He's just like bread pudding, which will always remind you of warmth, coziness, and home. The warm caramel in this classic comfort food reflects his silky, smooth voice that'll melt your heart in less than a second.

sweet, chocolate, cream, dairy product, caramel, syrup, milk
Naib Mian

G-Dragon: Exotic Fruits

Finally, some fruits are as exotic as G-Dragon is. He can pull off any outfit, like every strange fruit that has a intriguing exterior and manages to look good in it. Even though he may seem like a hard, charismatic person on the outside, every juicy bite can reveal a sentimental softie.

There it is my dudes, every Big Bang member in the spotlight as a breakfast food. After reading this, we're that much closer to having Big Bang in our lives. Even though these foods aren't exactly the members of Big Bang, try them out to capture each member's iconic spirit.