Our Saint Mary's College chapter held a Krispy Kreme fundraiser on Wednesday, March 29. We started the day with 120 glazed donuts. With some great music at our table, we were ready to greet the community for Hump Day.

Our Setup

beer, coffee
Gianna Scolini

With a table set up in front of the Library, decked out in the usual Spoon attire, we encouraged students to grab a donut between classes. Dante Quad was fairly busy during our fundraiser, as there were other booths set up around ours for Community Time, along with students headed to and from classes. Students, professors, and faculty alike stopped by to purchase a mid-afternoon treat. When the foot traffic began to wind down, our team decided to split up and make our fundraiser a mobile one. Ava and I sold in Ferroggiaro Quad, in front of the Intercultural Center to students and faculty leaving the meeting held there. Later, I ventured throughout Filippi Academic Hall while Ava went to the Mission and Ministry Center. During this time, Adriana and Sabrina continued to hold down the fort at our main table. By the end of Spoon's Krispy Kreme fundraiser, we were almost sold out, with just two boxes remaining. No donut left behind though - our Spoon members enjoyed the leftovers after our weekly meeting.

Thanks to senior MaryRose Zipse for supporting our chapter!

coffee, beer
Gianna Scolini

We believe that a dollar for a donut is always a great deal, which we attribute to the success of this fundraiser. For future events, we’re hoping to collaborate with some outside vendors, such as Coffee Shop in Lafayette, which would be a perfect fundraiser during finals week. Also, if you need more reasons to apply to be a member of the 2017-2018 Spoon team, check some out here. We also have a few ideas to help improve upcoming events, while also getting more students involved. For instance, in the future it would probably be beneficial to start selling earlier in the day. Ultimately, this event was a great success. Be sure to keep an eye out for more Spoon events through the end of the academic year.