At Saint Mary’s, we have over 35 chartered clubs—that’s a lot. Spoon is special because it is a food resource for young adults, specifically Saint Mary’s students. It has completely changed the way our generation thinks about and experiences food. It’s like Beyoncé at the VMAs, because it will give you life.

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Still not convinced? Keep reading.

1. You can be part of an international community.

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The Spooniverse isn’t limited to our campus. We have chapters all over the world and the network is constantly growing. In the Bay Area, our chapter neighbors include UC Berkeley, Santa Clara University, and Stanford University. Spoon members interact online and in person. Sometimes, chapters get together for events. There was even a Spoon member summit and annual Brainfood conference where Spoon Headquarters teaches the world about food media. Basically, we can all learn from each other, so we do. That’s what Spoon is all about.

2. There is always food involved.

This one is self-explanatory. Who doesn’t love free food? If there’s an event on campus and food is involved, you will be sure to find our club there.

#SpoonTip: Cultural Nights have some of the best authentic foods, peep the annual Lu’au.

3. You can get your work published on a super-legit website, and they might put it on the front page.

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With their most popular article to date reaching over 2,500,000 pageviews, Spoon is not messing around. That could be you. Plus, they have partnerships with popular outlets like Food Network and their articles get picked up by Yahoo and BuzzFeed. PLUS, they give you the resources to track your distribution so you can see how popular your articles are, and how to make the next one blow up even more.

4. We do awesome events (with food).

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Catch us on FRY-days in the Oliver dining hall for some free french fries or get some Mozzarella sticks for Mozzarella Stick Mondays. These event has been very successful, especially during the lunch rush hour. Food goes fast, but join Spoon and you will get first dibs.

5. You’ll gain professional experience.

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As a Spoon member, you will be sure to get your name out there be writing articles, taking awesome foodie photos, marketing your chapter, and creating cooking videos. The more you contribute to Spoon, the more you can add to your resume. Go above and beyond, and you might even get a letter of rec from HQ.

6. There are always opportunities to win Spoon swag.

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Free food AND swag? Yep, it’s true. This past year, our chapter was granted the giant spoon based on the amount of awesome content we published. Plus, there are always stickers available and the designs are iconic. A lot of the time, doing great ensures swag. (Check out all the awesome swag Spoon has here.)

7. You’re part of it for life.

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Once in the Spooniverse, always in the Spooniverse. You’ll always have access to their resources, skills trainings, and more. Plus, there’s SpoonCity in the works, where you can potentially start a Spoon chapter for your whole city using the skills you learned at your college campus. Hello, post-grad life.

Ready to join? Step one: show us you’re interested and tell your friends!