On any college campus as cold as the University of Wisconsin-Madison, fur coats are inevitable. I've always been wary of purchasing from companies whose values don't align with mine, and recently I became mindful of the carbon footprint of companies I support.  This winter, I decided to do some research on ethically-made winter coats certified by PETA, and came across Noize.com

Noize's Mission

Noize is a cruelty-free outerwear company which specializes in ethically-made winter coats, and emphasizes warmth, comfort, and style. Certified by PETA, Noize strives to limit their carbon footprint through the use of synthetic fibers which are almost identical to those made from animals, as well as the use of 100% recycled plastic bottle fills, as opposed to the traditional use of down feathers.

The Coat

I ordered the 'SABRINA Heavyweight Parka' from Noize, which arrived within days, and I've been impressed with the quality, performance, and look of the coat during my first Wisconsin winter.  Receiving compliments on this parka feels even more gratifying knowing that the coat was made ethically and consciously.

Why Buy Ethically?

This ethical company, among others, cares not only about the environment, but also about the consumer. Noize's use of sustainable materials means low prices on all of their outerwear coats. 

Kayla Kornitsky

Being a consumer today is not all that easy; environmental considerations weigh heavy, and so does the price tag of being sustainable. But Noize is different because they understand the price of being a conscious consumer. My purchase was small, but this coat makes waves in the current environment in winter fashion. Being on trend today is what you make of it, so I encourage consumers to be conscious of their purchases, and to try going "beyond the fur" this winter.