Imagine this: It's the Friday before Spring Break, school is out and you're ready to have a care free week at the beach. You suddenly realize, YOU HAVEN'T PACKED. You have a mini panic attack, but then you come across this Spoon Article and your life is saved. This guide provides the top 10 essentials to have packed for Spring Break at the beach.

1. Sunscreen


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Don't look like a lobster all week and ruin cute pictures because you forgot sunscreen.  Also, skin cancer is no joke, so take precaution and protect yourself.

2. Water

H20 is essential to have at ALL times. No one likes being dehydrated and feeling like a beached whale. Plus you need to balance out all those other drinks you'll be sippin' on. 

3. Snacks

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Nothing tasted better than a pb&j sandwich on the beach. Here are 14 healthy snacks to always have on hand to curb away from the munchies and maintain that beach bod.

4. Sunglasses 

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Block out the sun, not the haters with these super cute shades. Reflective shades and aviators are top trends right now, so snag a pair while they're cheap.

5. Fanny Pack

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Fanny packs are convenient and super trendy. Get a cute one here and have all your necessities at the ready. 

6. Disposable Camera

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Being at the beach is the prime spot for sandy selfies and serene sunset pictures. Don't risk getting your expensive camera washed away by the ocean and grab a disposable camera for cheap.

7. Portable Phone Charger

Infinite Power!....Problem?

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Don't let the sun drain your phone battery too. With a portable phone charger, you can keep your toes in the water and cheeks in the sand longer. 

#SpoonTip: Put your phone in a plastic baggy to protect from sand and water.

8. Portable Speaker

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A speaker is a must have on the beach. While the sound of the waves crashing is peaceful, jamming out on the beach is also essential. You can find the best cheap bluetooth speakers here.

9. Dry Shampoo

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Dry shampoo always saves the day. Keep your perfect beachy waved hair looking good with dry shampoo and little effort. 

10. Swim Wear

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This should be the FIRST thing you think about packing. A swimsuit is the #1 must have when going to the beach. Also bring a towel to dry off in style, not like a dog having to shake themselves dry. 

Spring Break is supposed to be a week full of relaxation, fun, and forgetfulness. Let the forgetting start AFTER you pack these 10 essentials for the beach.