Do you love soda but hate the calories? While regular sodas offer the refreshing carbonation and sweet taste that many people love, they are also loaded with extra sugar, chemicals and preservatives. If you're looking for something different that isn't so detrimental to your health, look no further than Wave Soda.

What Is Wave Soda?

Photo Courtesy of Wave Soda

Unlike diet sodas, Wave Soda does not contain artificial sweeteners like aspartame or saccharin and doesn't change the quality of the flavor by including natural sweeteners like stevia. Wave Soda derives its flavor from fruit juice. That's right. No added sugars or sweeteners and just 25 refreshing calories per can.

While other soda brands might offer caffeinated soda options, Wave Soda derives its caffeine directly from the coffee bean and offers 42 milligrams of caffeine per can, which is more than most leading soda brands.

So, is Wave worth your cash? Absolutely. With 85% carbonated water, 15% fruit juice and a dash of natural caffeine to boost your energy, Wave Soda is a soda that's friendly for any diet, and it comes in 7 delicious flavors. 

Wave Soda Flavors

1. Blueberry

Photo Courtesy of Wave Soda

For all of you berry fans, Wave offers this perfect combination of tangy and sweet. The blueberry is one of their sweeter flavors, so if you like the high sugar content of a regular soft drink, this might be a safe place to start. After testing six of these seven flavors, blueberry came as a strong second for its fullness of flavor and its satisfying taste. 

2. Tangerine

Photo Courtesy of Wave Soda

If you're looking for something a bit more tart, the tangerine flavor has a bold and punchy citrus flavor that is sure to be a hit with fans of orange juice and orange soda. This one while mostly tangy in its flavor profile offered a nice sweetness to create a pleasantly balanced flavor. 

3. Mango

Photo Courtesy of Wave Soda

This flavor is a bit more subtle, but the mango is great for those who prefer a bit of sweetness and a more subdued fruit taste. Though not quite as flavorful as the others, the mango is still light and refreshing.

4. Blackberry

Photo Courtesy of Wave Soda

The blackberry is one of Wave's stronger flavors of soda with a prominent berry taste and a more pronounced aftertaste than other flavors. While less sweet, the blackberry is richer and fuller in flavor, giving it a bit more bite. 

5. Grapefruit

Photo Courtesy of Wave Soda

Wave's grapefruit soda is the flavor that stays truest to its name. The grapefruit taste in this soda is strong and not overly sweet, but is perfect for enjoying on a hot day. With bold citrus overtones, this drink tastes fresh and perfectly tart. 

6. Cucumber

Photo Courtesy of Wave Soda

This flavor was the most surprising for me. I was expecting the taste to be light and subtle, but the cucumber actually was a much more distinctive flavor than I had anticipated. It was still unmistakably cucumber, but it had an added sweetness and fullness to the taste that made it all the more thirst-quenching. This was hands-down my favorite flavor of the bunch. 

7. Apple

Photo Courtesy of Wave Soda

Though I was not able to try this flavor myself, Wave provides an apple-flavored drink perfect for people who prefer a crisper taste. 

If you want to curb your soda addiction or you're just looking for something new, Wave Soda is the perfect way for you to feel refreshed and energized. 

Wave Soda is available for purchase on Amazon or through their website. Stay connected with Wave Soda by following them on Instagram and Facebook.