Whether its the red heart or the face with tears of joy, we all have our favorite emoji. My personal favorite is the bright red and orange fire because it reminds me of my fiery personality, but that might soon change with the release of 157 new emojis during the second half of 2018.

A whole range of emojis from animals to activities and sports will be added to Emojipedia. Some new additions will include a llama, teddy bear, DNA, soap, partying face, and, one that I am most excited about, being a ginger myself, a red head woman. There is even more exciting news. Emojipedia is also releasing six new food emojis in 2018, because you can never have too many food emojis.


The emoji creators have heard your cry loud and clear. The bagel emoji is finally going to make its debut this year. While there is no cream cheese to accompany it, this is a good start. This emoji is most likely going to be sliced to differentiate it from the donut. 


Torey Walsh

There are already many dessert emojis — cake, pie, chocolate, and candy — so what's missing? A cupcake, of course. With bright pink frosting and little red sprinkles, you might end up texting it in your group chat just to show it off. 

Leafy Greens

sea lettuce, herb, sea beet, kale, salad, lettuce, vegetable
Caroline Ingalls

Leafy greens are all the rage right now. People are just throwing them into everything, from smoothies to pasta, and, even into salads! So I guess it makes sense that there should be an emoji for it.


mango, Fruit, mangoes, fruits, Healthy
Jocelyn Hsu

Oh, does the peach emoji have some competition? The mango emoji might just take its place. Next time you're drinking a mango smoothie, you won't have to compromise because you'll finally have an emoji that can describe it.

Moon Cake

A moon cake is a traditional Chinese pastry commonly filled with red bean paste. An egg yolk, which represents the full moon, hides inside of each cake, making a surprise appearance when you bite into the middle of this tasty dessert. Moon cakes are typically eaten during the Mid-Autumn Festival. 

Salt Shaker

I'm not sure when exactly I would use the salt shaker emoji except to tell someone that my food is bland or you just want to reference salt bae. But this is only half of the dynamic duo; now there just needs to be a pepper shaker and all will be good.

Even though I'm excited about the new food emojis in 2018, I wish there were more. I'm still waiting for the release of waffles, smoothie bowls, breakfast sandwiches, chicken nuggets, ravioli, garlic, and oatmeal. In the mean time, I guess these will have to do. You can check out all 157 new emojis here.